collections: a look at urban outfitters instore trends

(sorry if one or two of the images is a little bit fuzzy, i’m not sure how to fix it!)

as i said in my previous post, i was invited by urban outfitters to go and look at their new A/W collections. there was so many beautiful items, i didn’t know where to start with the photos so i hope the ones i’ve taken show you a nice glimpse of what’s to come.
in terms of their trends, they have two main ones for A/W: a modern beat and tarot. i’ve talked about both in more detail in this post including their lookbook. apparently they had a major delivery that they hadn’t put out yet, so the clothes on show were only a small part of their huge collections. i’m really looking forward to seeing what comes online and instore though, as i was very impressed at what i saw today!
i was shown around by ashley and she was so lovely. she explained every section of the store and gave me loads of information. i love it when stores have nice staff!
i was allowed to take home one item which was so lovely of UO. i picked a beautiful dress by vaudeville and burlesque which i will do an outfit with in the next few posts. typically, after looking at all these lovely things, i couldn’t leave without additional items. so i came home with 3 extra dresses, a pair of shorts and three nail polishes. i would say ‘oops’, but i’m in love with all of them, i had such a nice day that i’m putting my spending ban to the back of my mind!

i had a look around the men’s sections too and wanted to buy most of it for myself. aztec, paisley, camo and polkadots seem to be pretty major in their collections so if you stock up on them, you definitely won’t go wrong.
their vintage section is amazing too and all the mannequins were styled so well. i think that aztec jumper in the third photo is my favourite and it may end up coming home with me in the future! well, either that or i’m going to force the boy to get some things. i’ll live through his purchases and maybe borrow (aka, steal) some on the way.
again, if you want to look at the men’s trends, click onto this post for some lovely male models in some equally lovely clothes.

and on to my favourite thing ever (next to the clothes of course): the home section. i would love my future house to be full of little trinkets and quirky items so i always look online to see what things UO has in. they’re really trying to encourage people to interact more with the store, so have set up mac’s, sofa’s and tables to sit and read books at or listen to some music. i think that is such a nice touch, even if it’s just for the time you spend waiting for someone to come out of the changing rooms!
i also like how the newcastle store is promoting local illustrators and artists. they’ve featured the lovely paul x. johnson (see more here) who i actually have on facebook (one of those people you always see on nights out and never get round to talking to, haha) and his work is absolutely beautiful. i’d love to have some framed prints of his work myself.
there’s also some work by the guys who run electrik sheep (see here), which is a great store with an amazing design team behind it who have recently moved into topshop oxford circus.

conclusion: in terms of women’s A/W outfits, all you need are the colours orange and burgundy, a leather or camo jacket, some denim, anything with crosses or studs and you’ll be right on trend (for want of a less cliche phrase). failing that, just get yourself a cat print jumper and be eternally happy and fashionable (seriously, that thing is adorable…)

hope you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed having a look and taking photos. thank you to charlie at UO for giving me this opportunity and to ashley for showing me around!

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