The Facial Cleansing Oil You Need

You know when you find a product that you love so much that you realise you haven’t used anything for over a month? That’s how I feel about he Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil, which I’ve been using non-stop since the start of the year.

I’m a huge fan of the double cleanse. Give me some sort of oil or balm and a hot flannel/cloth to start and I am one happy lady – there’s just something so satisfying about taking your makeup off in this way, no? It’s my own (cheap) form of therapy to be honest and I can wash away a lotta problems with a hot flannel, but enough about that and back to the cleanser.

First of all, it comes in a huge bottle which lasts you a long time. Mine would have lasted longer if I hadn’t of been using it 3x per day as every cleanse and hadn’t been using 5-6 pumps per cleanse, but I wanted to literally smother myself in it so what you gonna do? It would probably last the average person around 4 months if you’re using it as a first cleanse maybe 1-2x a day and using 3 pumps. Secondly, it smells really pampering and soothing and it also has a very luxurious feel to it – quite silky but not too thin. Finally, and most importantly, it removes all traces of makeup (waterproof mascara included) and leaves your skin looking plump, clean and hydrated. It literally does no wrong!

I’m so glad I had a backup bottle stashed away so I continue this love affair for another couple of months…

Have you tried this before? If not, you should definitely consider it if you’re looking for a new makeup remover or cleanser – you can pick it up here.

Helen x

This item was a gift from Elemis, but the obsession is all my own