event: doc martens store opening #standforsomething

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the outside of the brand new store. aaalways someone walking past…
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they had a photobooth van outside! but the photos we had taken just weren’t nice so will never be seen.
lots of shades of docs to be seen
they have lots of new metallic shades in boots and little lace up shoes
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the boots i got for the event! they have a really pretty victorian print on them, with little graffiti accents that you need to look at closely to see.
they had local beer plus ginger beer and pink lemonade (which is nice, but kinda sickly after a bit)
the kids DM’s are adorable! i bought a bright pink patent pair for my niece.
all of our shoes together. mine in the middle, rachael from beauty pea on the left and charissa from charissa rae on the right!
the store is really cool, with awesome wallpaper and an old school jukebox. 

hello! i went to an actual event on thursday. yes, an event in newcastle. they’re rare i know, but i’m hoping it’s the start of something for us bloggers up north. the new doc marten store opened near monument in newcastle city centre so lots of people were invited down to have a nose around. there was a cool photobooth van outside, frankie and the heartstrings played and there was some lovely vietnamese food! i had some chicken with rice and it was pretty delicious, could have definitely ate more. i spent the evening with charissa and rachael, who both have great blogs that you should definitely check out! there were a few other bloggers there, such as fen and sandy and others that i didn’t get a chance to talk to (unfortunately! it was quite busy…) but it was a cool little evening nevertheless!
anyways, here’s what i wore…

dress: asos, similar here | jacket: topshop, here | bag: mulberry | shoes: doc martens* here | necklace: delilah dust, here

i only got my boots when i went to the event, as i didn’t have time to pick them up before so stuck to an all black outfit just incase. i knew which pair i was getting, so i picked blue accessories to try and tie it together, but i probably just look really boring! they are really pretty boots though and i may have bought some bits and pieces at the event, but i’ll save them for another post…
thanks so much to lauren and OPR and all of the lovely people who organised the event for inviting me down! i hope the store does really well, i’ll be popping in soon as there’s a tartan dress with my name on it!

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