FASHION: Great Gatsby Inspired

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The Great Gatsby has been a source of inspiration since it was first published in 1925. The definitive jazz age novel of excess and frippery, the book was punctuated by the fashion of the time, which underpinned the story.

The Great Gatsby Revival

The new film starring Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan and Leonardo diCaprio has kickstarted a new interest in 20s fashions. The movie may have taken some liberties with the historical accuracy of the costumes but the overall vibe is chic, 20s and fabulous.

Ever since the movie was announced, fashionistas the world over have been adapting their wardrobes to match the glamour of the roaring twenties.

The movie itself follows a writer called Nick (played by Tobey Maguire) and his friend Jay Gatsby (Leo diCaprio) as they party it up around New York in 1922. It’s full of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes and has the trademark of its co-writer and director Baz Luhrmann, whose films are always visually stunning.

Great Gatsby parties

New Year’s Eve 2013 saw people from one side of the globe to the next partying up a storm while dressed in 20s finery as the spirit of the Great Gatsby seeped from the catwalks to the streets.

But it’s not all about fancy dress. Many shops and high street labels have been carrying 20s style clothes, ranging from drop waist dresses to gangster style suits. The flapper look is always popular, of course, but the beauty of The Great Gatsby inspired fashions today is that they have the modern twist that is the epitome of what flappers were all about – boundary breaking modernism wrapped up in glamour and style.

Historical input into movie

You’d think that Vegas would be a world away from the elegance of The Great Gatsby, but in actuality, the cloche hats, flapper dresses, headbands and other pieces were designed with input from a Vegas resident. History professor at UNLV, Deirdre Clemente used her 20 years’ of Scott Fitzgerald study to advise Baz Luhrmann as historical consultant. Vegas is, of course, a city with a certain style of its own and the combination worked well.

Clemente helped Luhrmann understand how Fitzgerald used clothes to underpin the story, enabling him to retain his individual – and highly recognisable – style while paying suitable homage to Fitzgerald’s style.

Have a Gatsby theme party

We can’t all have a wardrobe full of perfect 20s glam, but we can have an evening in with our friends watching the movie and getting into the style. Throw in some Vegas style gambling at and you’ve got the glitz, glam and awsome style in your own room – and you don’t even have to leave the sofa!

You could include a fancy dress element if you want to go for the full on Gatsby experience. Get some bootleg style booze in and dance the charleston in the best finery you can find!

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