My Favourite Ways to Chill Out


After the events of this week, I think we could all do with a bit of a chill. I’m not trying to detract from current political issues, but as I’ve spent the last three days (and this morning) feeling utterly stressed and in a state of despair at this country, I’ve decided to take the opportunity today to calm my brain down a little bit. So, in case any of you need to do the same, here’s my top five ways in which I like to chill out…

One: Escape | There’s nothing like reading a book or playing a video game to help you forget about everything. It’s nice to escape, put your problems to one side and get immersed in the world of someone or something else. I often go back to old favourites (hello Fight Club or Invisible Monsters) or start something new or opt for something productive like a cookbook or interesting article, so I can learn a little somethin’ along the way. Failing that, I like to beat the crap outta people on the xbox, but each to their own.

Two: Cook or Eat | Moving on from cookbooks, I find food to be fantastic for all situations. Stressed? Eat something. Having a bad day? Eat something. Impending sense of economic doom? Eat something. There’s nothing that makes me reevaluate a problem more than sitting down with my favourite food and mulling everything over (plus who doesn’t love the excuse to eat something good, huh?) – it honestly works wonders to make me feel chilled once more.

Three: Get out of the House | I get cabin fever sometimes (as I have since this EU ref thing has went down) and it always negatively impacts my way of thinking. Working from home can be so tough so I try to make time to get out and clear my head, even if it’s just via a quick walk to Tesco or a stroll down the quayside which is conveniently right outside of my front door. It’s amazing how much fresh air helps you to relax about everything.

Four: Create a Space | If staying at home is your thing, though, it’s nice to create a space for yourself. Whether that’s just giving the house a quick tidy (tidy space, tidy mind – my mum has always been right about that) or you just make wherever you are a little bit more comfortable. Buy yourself some flowers or light a candle, create somewhere where you feel calm and collected. I genuinely can’t focus when things are messy, so I always tackle that first!

Five: Do What Makes You Happy | If you want to slap on a face mask in the bath, then go for it. If you wanna curl up on the sofa with the trashiest TV you can find, then go for it (why isn’t The Simple Life still on?). I just do whatever makes me mentally feel chilled, which is sometimes a lot and sometimes absolutely nothing at all. Today I might take a little break from social media, repaint my nails, plan and schedule some blog content and maybe watch this season of GoT later. Bliss!

What do you do to chill out?

Helen x