favourites: summer nails

hello! i hope you’re not all melting in the heat like these cupcakes were (cue mother dearest freaking out about me taking these photos outside, even though it wasn’t sunny anymore). today i’m sharing a few nail favourites that have been and will be adorning my nails over the next few months, and maybe even in to winter…

first of all, can we discuss the adorable cake stand? it’s so sweet, came ridiculously well packaged (seriously, it took me about 10 minutes to get into it) and was really easy to put together. i love the vintage style plates and i’m going to store all the nail polishes i’m loving, aswell as some perfumes, on it in my room! it’s available from here, if you’re interested.
anyways, i’m really in a cool tone phase at the moment, as much as i adore the likes of rimmel coralicious and nails inc draycott place, so all of my picks lean more towards that end of the colour spectrum. naturally, i had to pick some essie as they take up quite a bit of my collection. neo whimsical is a soft pink that goes with everything and go ginza (only £1.99 on fragrance direct right now!), from their spring collection, is such a gorgeous creamy finish lilac with a hint of pink. green’s are also favourites and the topshop’s lovely venus fly trap is a bright lime/yellow which adds a bit of a pop to outfits, to sound oh so cliche. OPI’S thanks a windmillion* is a midtone green that has a great finish and is opaque in two coats. you can’t go wrong with a nice pool blue, especially with a tan, so OPI’s can’t find my czechbook* fits the bill quite nicely. finally, i had to include a glitter, so OPI’s polka.com* was my first choice. it looks great with cool toned shades and especially over white!

so that’s my picks! i currently have my nails painted in go ginza and it’s a truly lovely shade. the whole spring collection is on fragrance direct, too. bargains!

what summer shades are you loving at the moment? do you like any of the above? let me know!

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