favourites: tv

i’ve watched dexter since it started back in 2006 (wow, that seems ages ago) and i still love it now. the new ones have started not too long ago in america so i’ve been tuning in every monday to watch it online when the links are up. this series is so good, oh my god. michael c. hall, marry me please.
i also started watching the walking dead in 2010 when it first came out, i kept missing them but luckily i got them downloaded for me and i was so glad i did. the first 20mins of the new series was the most tense i’ve been in my life. and the second episode was the same, i really do love a good zombie story.
i’m also watching an idiot abroad and someday i will continue with breaking bad, but only if his wife gets murdered as she ruined the whole thing for me. 
do any of you’s watch these shows, or have any new ones to recommend?