favourites: vloggers

recently i’ve been more and more into my makeup (as you can probably tell from my purchases). so, i’ve been looking at various tutorials, recommendations, hauls and reviews of all products in the beauty category. i thought i’d just post a few of my favourites if you’re looking for some decent makeup and skincare videos:

pixiwoo – run by two sisters who are professional makeup artists. their videos are addictive and they both have the most amazing skin/bone structure. nic’s video on drag queen makeup is amazing. but if you don’t want anything too dramatic, there’s everyday looks that are easy to follow.

makeupgeek – marlena does really good basic videos for people who are just starting out and also some more advanced looks. she has tutorials for everything from applying your concealer to the latest MAC collections. a definite must have resource vlogger.

elle fowler – although she talks very fast and comes across a little ditzy, her videos are very cute. she does a lot of haul videos and reviews, which is always a good thing.

makeupbytiffanyd – similar to elle, there are a lot of haul videos on tiffany’s website. her videos are good to watch and she does great reviews

hope some of these links have helped just incase anyone wanted to know a thing or two about certain products