Finding A Winter Coat

the coat edit - fur coats 2the coat edit - fur coats 0

Finding a winter coat can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re trying to find ‘the one’. I have a bit of an addiction to buying them, but have some strict policies when it comes to picking a new coat and am hoping my edit will help you find yours! I tend to only buy a coat if it’s at least 50-60% wool, as I want it to be decent quality so it lasts a few years, but I’ll include a range for all budgets!

The Faux Fur Coat | I am obsessed with huge, snuggly fur coats. They’re the best to wear when you’re feeling super cold and want to pretend you’re still wearing a duvet. I adore the above three, but I wouldn’t mind adding the below to my wardrobe:

the coat edit - long block colour coats 2the coat edit - long block colour coats 0

The Long Coat | I am partial to a good knee length (or below) kinda coat. Anything that makes me have a Darth Vader shadow is a-ok with me and I keep adding to these types of coats every year. I’m still on the lookout for something khaki or dark green to add some colour to my mostly monochrome offering (well, aside from the pink coats above!), but here’s some other ones I love:

the coat edit -patternthe coat edit - pattern 2.1

The Statement Coat | This is something I sort of lack in my wardrobe, apart from the above three, because my brain seems to hate seeing the same pattern over and over again. I absolutely adore looking at bright and amazingly patterned coats on other people and will, someday, branch out more! See my faves below:

What coats are on your wishlist for this Winter?

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Helen x
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