Five Ways to Sleep Better


Sometimes getting a good nights sleep is easier said than done. Your mind can be racing, you're too busy thinking about what you need to do tomorrow or you simply can't drift off. I get uber grouchy when I haven't had enough sleep - any other women with me on this? - so here's my tips on getting to sleep quicker and having a more restful nights sleep.

One: Ban your Phone | Looking at a screen just before bed doesn't do your eyes any good. A lot of phones emit a certain type of light which has been proven to wake your brain up, so stop mindlessly scrolling through Instagram at least half an hour before trying to get to sleep.

Two: Pamper Yourself | Feeling totally relaxed before bed really does help you get off to sleep quicker. Have a bath, apply some moisturiser, put on your favourite pjs and get your nighttime skincare routine on the go (my favourite is the Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment, a gorgeous oil that smells divine!) to convince your brain that it's bed time.

Three: Get cosy | I always try to have my bed nice and warm and the room slightly cooler so it creates a very comfy space. Make sure you have a great mattress (check out Happy Beds) so you get a restful nights sleep without your back hurting when you wake up, ensure your bedsheets are soft and find the perfect pillow.

Four: Read a Book | Along with ditching your phone, try picking up a new book. Focusing your eyes on something else and taking some time to read can help you wind your brain down before bed. It always helps me sleep much, much better.

Five: Balance | This may sound a bit silly, but making sure everything in your body is ticking over properly can really help your sleep. Make sure you're fed and watered enough, try exercising (it really genuinely helps you sleep better!) and practice a bit of mindfulness to help you drift off. Sometimes I take 10 really deep belly breaths and focus on that if I can't sleep!

Helen x