five(ish) favourites: number four

1. Books | Alexa Chung IT. I’ve been feeling like I haven’t had time to read lately, as any spare time has been taken up with blogging, trying to see my friends and being at my boyfriend’s house. When this book came out, I knew it was going to be a blogger hit as all y’all seem to adore her style//face/general presence. Alexa Chung’s ‘IT’ is full of pictures, doodles and how she came to be the stylish girl we all seem to know and love. There are some cringey moments in there, but once you get past the vague sense of pretension, it’s quite a nice little book to have on your shelf.

2. Scents | Neom Tranquillity Candle is a candle that I’ve been adoring quite a lot recently, especially after sampling their Perfect Night’s Sleep set (review here). It smells of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine, without being granny-ish and really does work to calm you down, as it’s a very soothing scent. I was surprised at how heavy the full sized candle is when I took it out of the box, which is good as it does burn for up to 50hrs. I’d recommend any product from Neom, as I think their candles are well worth the money!
Now, onto the perfume. Everyone loves a bit of Chanel, right? When they released Chanel Noir a little while ago, it was love at first sniff. Definitely an evening fragrance, as one spray is quite heavy, but it lasts for hours and hours which makes it so worth the price tag. This scent reminds me so much of my mum, as she’s always worn either Chanel No5 or Chanel Coco Mademoiselle since I can remember. I feel like Chanel Noir is like a combination of the two, which I think is why I love it so much. This is the perfect heavier scent to me and makes such a change from my usual light and sweet daytime scents. Love!

3. Skin Treats | If you’re been reading a while, or follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a face mask addict. I’ve built up quite a collection now and the latest addition is Organic Surge First Class Mask, which is clay based and aims to work into skin to draw out impurities. This isn’t as solid (if you know what I mean) as most clay masks and you can see your skin through it, but once washed off with a warm cloth, it leaves skin soft and more refined looking.
As we move into the colder months, I step up the bodycare as there’s nothing more satisfying than having a hot bath, slathering on loads of body moisturiser and getting into a warm duvet. Recently I’ve been opting for Conscious Skincare Sweet Orange and Frangipani Body Butter, which has a strong but not overpowering scent and sinks into skin so well. I like how it’s handmade in the UK too, reppin’ for us Brits, yeaaah etc.

4. Winter Hydration | The aircon at work, plus this sudden change in weather that seems to have hit as soon as it was September 1st, has left my skin in quite an undecided state. I’ve always has combination skin, but the dry parts have become drier and it’s not very good! To combat it I’ve been using a brand that was new to me; Yon-Ka. I’ve been sampling the Yon-Ka Hydra No1 Cream with the Yon-Ka Hydra No1 Serum and the combination of the two has really soothed my skin, while leaving it feeling cushioned and soft. I highly recommend the two, especially if you have dry, irritated or skin similar to mine!

5. Makeup | Recently, I’ve been trying to branch out from my usual nude and gold shades into subtle bits of colour. This Lily Lolo Smoky Rose Pressed Eyeshadow Quad has been helping me do that, as the rose shade is strong enough to be different, but subtle enough to be blended in well. The lightest shimmer shade and the almost black shade are great for highlighting and defining the crease, which I always have to do with having quite hooded eyes. The taupe/brown shade is really good for adding depth too, so alongside the lovely packaging, it’s an all round winner!

6. Daily Skincare Picks | I mentioned HealGel Eye in a previous post but it’s definitely worthy of another mini rant. When I started using this, I was amazed at how it genuinely reduced my dark circles in a week. Obviously they were still there, but every so slightly lighter and to me, that’s a massive win! The eye cream itself is hydrating, sinks in quickly and refreshes skin perfectly. Using this alongside HealGel Face made my skin more balanced, while helping the drier parts and making it more even in the process. They aren’t cheap, but definitely worth it if you’re in the market for some good quality skincare.

So that’s all of the items I’ve been adoring over the past month or so. I tried to include a little mix of things, but it seems to all be based around beauty, apart from poor old Alexa at the top! Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments.

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