Four Treatments for Bright and Clear Skin


After nights of takeaway food, cleaning dusty flats and generally letting my health slide a bit, it’s definitely my skin that has suffered the most. It was reasonably clear a few weeks ago, but now it’s, quite frankly, a spotty mess. Naturally, I’m eager to get it back on track so, alongside drinking a thousand bottles of water a day and eating all the fruit and veg I can find, I’ve been reaching for all of the brightening and blemish fighting products in my arsenal. These four have really impressed me and are helping me recoil a little less at my own reflection. Onto the mini reviews…

Left to right we’ll start with the Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum. Antipodes are a brand that feature quite heavily in my skincare stash due to effective ingredients and natural stance on skincare, and this serum impresses me as much as the rest have. Primed with a variety of fruit extracts and essential fatty acids, it helps boost skin to give it a radiant and more even look. A bit like rehab for the face which I am totally down for.

Next the S5 Purity Serum is one targeted at those who suffer with more blemish prone skin (hello my face) and need a bit of help balancing everything, sorting out pores and getting rid of spots and their aftermath. It uses a mix of natural oil-fighting ingredients and acids to bring some normality back to the skin, leaving it more balanced and with less blemishes!

Onto the vitamin C wonder product that is the Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate. It contains 10.5% of that awesome vitamin to brighten skin, minimise any fine lines (for those who need it) and generally give skin a bit of a boost! It feels quite thick, but applies well and evens out skin texture like a dream. What’s more is it’s part of the House of Fraser Beauty Confidential, where you get £10 off one of your beauty favourites when you buy one of theirs. There’s so much to pick from so get shopping between the 7th (today!) and 22nd September.

Finally, a new product from one of my all time favourite skincare brands, the REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial. Designed to brighten the skin using a three step action, it works while you sleep to banish dead skin cells, boost cell vitality and leaves you with a glowing complexion. As expected from REN, this product is a bit of a miracle worker if your skin is feeling a little lacklustre.

What do you use to boost your complexion?

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