Give Me A Break


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Skirt: Mango | Shoes: Gucci | bag: vintage chanel


I was going to start this post with a little rant about this outfit, how cute I think the top is, how it's great to pair with red shoes and how much I love this little skirt, but the slogan got me thinking...

Now, 'Give Me A Break' it something I've muttered under my breath about 50 times in the last week, so I can think of several ways I can apply this slogan to my life. So, here's that list of things I wish would just give me a goddamn break for your reading pleasure:


Instagram, please

I've seen everyone and their mother complain about Instagram recently and rightly so. Is anyone growing on that platform right now? I hit 20.6k a few months ago and I'm now on 20.2k and it's extremely frustrating, let me tell you. I'm gaining followers every day, my engagement isn't as great as it used to be (we're all in the same boat there) but I'm still getting a decent amount of comments and likes yet, overall it's still going down and down and down... What can we do about this? Being regrammed from big accounts does nothing -  I was regrammed from the River Island main account with a whopping 1.8m followers, got over 7k likes and... nothing. Literally nothing. I honestly wish I didn't have to care, but this little blog is 70% of my job so unfortunately care I must. Is it any wonder people buy followers?



I Just Want To Stay In

Do you ever get invited out somewhere and feel morally obliged to go? As an introvert - you can read more about that here - there's something wonderfully liberating about just saying no. Not having plans and not being constantly 'busy' isn't a bad thing. Sometimes you just need that space to unwind and be by yourself in your own space and that's cool. Being antisocial is the new social (sometimes).


Brain, Stop

I honestly wish my brain would give me a break sometimes. It's often quite hard to be on the internet, surrounded by beautiful people who live beautiful lives and have beautiful homes all of the time. I know I follow them because it's 'aspirational' but sometimes I purposefully shove a cake in my face when I see someone's abs just because hey, fuck you, you can't tell me how to live with your stupid caption. Of course this isn't entirely rational and I wish my mind would calm down occasionally. Anyone else like this?

I also experienced this last night when I got incredibly frustrated at an IKEA lamp. I bought one and it was quite suitable for the space, so I tried to get it back into the box and the struggle that ensued was both frustrating and borderline embarrassing. I shouted at Phil, I gave up about five times, I got so horrendously pissed off that I almost broke the thing, all because my brain decided to tell me I was useless at this and I should just give up and I agreed. How ridiculous is that? Why are brains like this?

What about you? Helen x


TSHIRT: Pretty little thing (20% with code MGA6LPT2)


Skirt: Mango | Shoes: Gucci | bag: vintage chanel