Gym Room Ideas

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Planning the gym room

So, I've realised we can decorate the 'Gym' room which is basically the smallest room of house, located at the front next to our bedroom. It's a bright, sunny room and despite it being quite small, you could fit an ok amount of equipment in there. We only really need a spin bike, a mat (as I like yoga and pilates) and Phil has requested a weights bench. We're also going to wallmount a TV so I can watch an episode of Peep Show from the bike which will fill precisely 20 minutes.

With the above in mind, and it being a somewhat functional space rather than purely decorative, I've been trying to think of colour combinations that are both suited to an exercise space and maximise the brightness in the room.


I think Phil would be happy with just white, but I'm trying to stay away from another all white house and go with colours that would suit the age of the house. I asked on Instagram what you all thought, and there was many lovely suggestions from colourblocking to bold, but one that stuck out to me was more of a nature theme.

The colour sage green has been stuck in my head as a shade to use in this house, so I think a light sage and neutral themed room would be a really lovely combination. So, I've set about trying to find the perfect paint colour and this is what I've found so far:

Valspar - Cool Cucumber or Tea Party
Farrow & Ball - Vert de Terre or Lichen
Coat Paints - Add Breathe (also love Nomad as a dark green)
Lick - Green 01
Rustoleum - Sage Green
Little Greene - Boringdon Green or Green Stone


So, paring one of the sage green tones with a warm off-white on the woodwork should work nicely in here. Or I could swap it and do neutral on the walls and green on the woodwork. What do you think?

From there, adding in natural elements would be nice too. I'm thinking some wood shelves, trailing plants, some botanical themed artwork and baskets for workout equipment or weights.

It should, in theory, look fresh and welcoming and cosy all at the same time. So it will be just as nice to do a 20 minute flat-out bike session, as it will be to do some evening yin yoga.

I just need to get some paint samples...


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