HAIRCARE: The Perfect Christmas Curls with GHD

Hello! My hair isn’t something that I feature often enough, apart from, you know, being attached to me in outfit photos so I thought I’d give it its own spotlight.

I was send this little kit by GHD a while ago but, being the idiot that I am, I accidentally deleted the post and the photos so had to retake them! Anyways, one thing people (kindly) mention in comments and on instagram is that my hair looks nice when it’s curly. I tend to have it this way on my blog (most of the time I’m too lazy/wake up too early to bother doing it every day) as I try to put more of an effort into my appearance, just so you don’t all think I’m a huge scruff! These curls actually take no time at all, but the above kit from GHD does make a great difference in cutting that time down even further.

First of all, I wash my hair (usually with LUSH big shampoo or Apivita shampoo for oily hair) and quickly blowdry it, which means it goes quite straight as that’s the way my hair naturally is. I brush out any tangles with the GHD brush, which is great for getting out knots without pulling too much.

For creating curls that last all day, I tend to use my GHD straighteners, as curls from curlers tend to get blown straight out as soon as I go outside (unless I use a load of product!). I think it takes half the time, too as you literally just pick up pieces of hair, place the straighteners at the top of the hair, twist and pull (like you would to curl ribbon) and ta-da… a lovely curl. If you want it to be a tighter curl, just pull it down your hair slower, or quicker for loose waves. Sectioning it off really helps, especially when your hair is as long as mine, so use little clips like the GHD ones in that kit!

After my whole hair is curled, I sometimes quickly brush through using a wide toothed comb, so so it’s a bit more beachy. Then I spray the GHD Straight & Smooth Spray on the top of my hair and fringe, so that part stays sleek, then spray either Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish Spray or Tresemme Texture Spray in the ends to hold the curls in place and create a more textured look. Then, finally, I give my hair a quick spray of the GHD Final Shine Spray to ensure my hair is as glossy as possible …And that’s it!

So that’s how I achieve my everyday curls which I hope you find helpful (as I know a lot of you ask!). I’d fully recommend investing in a pair of GHD’s, they’re so worth it! I’ve had mine for about 5 years now and they work just as perfectly now as they did the day I got them. I’m thinking about buying a GHD Air Hairdryer next, too.

How do you curl your hair? Got any tips for me?

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