happy birthday to me!

it’s my 21st birthday today!

i went to a lovely restaurant the other day and the zoo yesterday! today i’m just spending time with my family and the bf is coming round after he’s finished work.

my mother has made me a cake (as that’s her thing, she’s obsessed) and i’m looking forward to eating it as her chocolate cake is amazing.

i got enough money to be able to go to chicago to see my friend sharon when she works over there for a year and to go to japan next spring!

my dad said he’d chip in for a bag for me aswell, so i’ve got a hard choice to make with regards as to what label i wanna go for (i’m favoring vivienne westwood at the moment)

today has been such a good day so far! i’ll post a few entries of what i’ve done over the past few days later on i think…