haul: beauty, fashion and a new youtube video

hello! sorry i haven’t posted since last sunday (no, i can’t believe it either) but i was absolutely swamped with work and deadlines, so couldn’t fit my blog in. i feel like i’ve neglected it somewhat so i thought i’d do a haul post and a little video for you.
i’ve included a few photos of what i bought in this post, but not everything, so you’ll have to watch the video to see, essentially, the whole contents of my bank account in beauty/fashion form. enjoy! (and please like and subscribe if you can, i’m still unsure about doing videos and would appreciate the support),

skincare and makeup: liz earle cleanse and polish (here) | ole henriksen vitamin plus cream (here) | ole henriksen lemon strip (here) | first aid beauty ultra repair instant oatmeal mask (here) | nude miracle mask (here) | nude advanced cellular renewal serum (here) | elemental herbology cell food serum (here) | yuko anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner (here and here) | korres tropical set (similar here) | topshop lip crayon in royal (here) | topshop lip crayon in suspect (here) | topshop lip crayon in wave goodbye (here) | topshop lip crayon in secret party (here) | topshop lipstick in macaroon (here) | topshop lipstick in oh la la (here) | topshop lipstick in sartorial (here) | topshop eye palette in golden aura (here) | maybelline super stay 24 colour lipstick in cherry pie and raspberry (here and here) | stila convertible cream blush in petunia, fuchsia and poppy (here) | stila in the light palette (here) | laura mercier oil free primer (here)

accessories and clothes: rings from shopdixi (here) | primark collar tips and cross necklace | zara studded boots (here) | zara patterned trousers (here) | zara office city bag (here) | asos black and white patterned dress (here) | asos red flared dress (here) | asos black and white baroque dress (here) | celine tshirt (here) | la moda studded bag (here)

left to right: topshop lip crayons in royal, suspect, secret party and wave goodbye, maybelline 24 hour liquid lipsticks in raspberry and cherry pie, topshop lipsticks in sartorial, macaroon and oh la la.
i’m so impressed with all of these products! they all stay on so well, much better than my favourite YSL lipsticks that, while they are lovely on the lips, stay on for about 10minutes. whereas these (especially the maybelline ones) stay on all day. so good for only £7-8 a go!

stila convertible colour blushes in poppy, fuchsia and petunia
yes, i bought some more. i think i might actually be addicted… they are amazing though and the colour pay off is lovely for how much you actually need. i think i’m starting to actually prefer cream blushes to powder as they stay on so much longer!

eventually received my zara order after an entire week of complaining on twitter (sorry to everyone that follows me). i am so used to getting my items in 2-3 days that waiting so long was so frustrating, haha. anyways, i got their much coveted city bag (some day i will own the prada tote, but for now this will do) and those amazing studded boots that i’ve been in love with every since i saw giselle from paint it black had bought them. i absolutely adore her style, so they were a necessary purchase. especially since they were reduced from £119 to only £39.99 (now down to £29.99 on their website). bargain!

ps. check out the lovely cherrypie blog for some adorable posts! oh and if you want some lovely beauty reviews, take a look at one little vice!

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