HEALTH: My Favourite Fitness Bloggers/Vloggers

Bit of a different post from me today, as I’m chatting about fitness. I’m still trying (and failing) to get fitter as I do lack a lot of motivation and would rather nap than work out, but that doesn’t stop being inspired by the lifestyles of these three lovely ladies. I really need to find an exercise that suits me, as I’m definitely not a high intensity kinda girl and I couldn’t run to save my life, so things like yoga and pilates massively appeal.

There’s so many different types of fitness out there though, so I’m sure I’ll find one I can stick at. Benenden have created a 100 years of fitness video (I’ll include it at the end of this post!) showing everything from 1910 to this decade and it’s really interesting to see how much things have changed over the years! Anyway, on with my faves…

Lydia Elise Millen | I think it’s pretty obvious that Lydia is a total babe. Apart from having amazing style, she shows how she changed her lifestyle from being slim to strong and adapted her routine to make herself as fit as possible and I genuinely think she literally glows because of it. She regularly shares aspects of her life on her blog and snapchat/instagram (along with her adorable cat and dreamy bf, twit-twoo). She’s definitely someone who inspires me a lot, she’s lovely to talk to and she seems like such a happy person which is quite infectious, you can’t help but smile along with her!

Carly Rowena | This lovely blogger and vlogger is so lovely. As a person trainer as her profession, Carly has exercise at the centre of what she does and her professionalism definitely comes across in everything she does. From what she eats to workout routines to chatty videos and posts about her life, she’s a great one to watch as you know you’re getting proper, certified advice and it sounds like it’s coming from a friend! Plus: dem abs oh ma lawd gurl.

Yoga With Adriene | I used to go to Pilates classes before I became too busy and I genuinely miss it. Having a good stretch on a Saturday morning used to put me in such a good mood for the day, so I decided to do a bit at home. I opted for yoga with Adriene because I had heard a lot about her and she does a great 30 day introduction on her YouTube. As a yoga teacher, she’s amazingly calming and guides you through everything in such an inspiring way. I feel so much better once I do one of her videos!

Who are your favourite fitness bloggers?

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Helen x
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