HEALTH: Plenish Juice Cleanse Review

Today is a bit of a different post from me, as I’ll be reviewing the Plenish Juice Cleanse! I won’t waffle on too much at the beginning, but for a bit of background: I often have a juice for breakfast, so I’m not totally new to them, and I have changed my diet recently for the better. I’m eating a lot more vegetables, fish, cut out dairy completely and have massively cut down on sugar. I’ve been noticing a difference already and feel better for it, so I thought a juice cleanse would be a nice extra thing to do to give myself a bit of a boost!

The cleanse arrived in a cooler bag, so it was nice and cold and ready to be popped straight in the fridge. There’s a glass straw and a booklet, which guides you through everything with lots of tips and tricks for your cleanse, plus a few emails helping with pre and post cleanse eating. Each Plenish Cleanse bottle is numbered, so you know which one to drink and in what order. Mine wasn’t delivered until midday and I could only do it on that day, so had to space the juices out from that time onwards, so went with every 2hours or so. I would have preferred to start from 9am, but there’s nothing I could have done about it really!

I’ll run through the juices themselves, my opinions on them and my final thoughts:

Juice One: Sweet Sexy Green | Pear, Cucumber, Romaine, Spinach, Kale, Basil, Broccoli – I always make my juices 2/3 green vegetables such as spinach or avocado, but use a strongly flavoured fruit such as banana to mask the taste a little. This where I really struggled with this juice, as it tasted like blended celery (despite not containing any). It took me a while to drink and most of it was spent holding my nose so I couldn’t taste it!

Juice Two: Pineapple | Pineapple, Apple, Mint, Aloe Vera – I really liked this one, as it had a not-too-sweet apple taste, but with an aloe vera after-taste. I know that sounds really odd, but it was quite refreshing! It wasn’t super fruity, due to the mint, but was much nicer than the first one!

Juice Three: Mind Body Green | Cucumber, Pear, Romaine, Pear, Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger – Here we go again. This was pretty much the same as the first one, which meant I struggled again. I actually only drank 2/3 of this, as I couldn’t finish the rest! By this point I actually had a little bit of a headache and was so insanely thirsty, despite drinking water throughout the day.

Juice Four: Spicy Limonade | Filtered Water, Lemon, Lime, Coconut Nectar, Red Chillies – This was a bit of an odd one, as it tastes like lemon/lime, smelled like red peppers and had a seriously spicy aftertaste. Like, it was actually hot, like you’d like had a mouthful of madras heat curry. It was seriously weird and one I did not enjoy, despite liking spicy things!

Juice Five: Cherry Beets | Carrots, Beetroot, Filtered Water, Lime, Cherry – I’ll be honest, I only had a mouthful of this as I really, really didn’t like it. It tasted like straight up blended beetroot and I couldn’t taste any other flavours in there. Now, I like beetroot and often have it with salad, but I just couldn’t force myself to drink it. By this point, I was really sick of juices and was craving some solid food.

Juice Six: Cashew Milk | Filtered Water, Cashew Nuts, Dates, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Himalayan Sea Salt – This was the final juice and the one I was most excited about by the description, I mean vanilla and cinnamon? Yes please. It did have a slightly thicker milky consistency, with an after-taste of cashews but it was ok! My boyfriend had a glass of it, as I couldn’t deal with a whole bottle, but he thought it was alright too. There’s a lot of fat in this bottle, which I was quite surprised about, but I suppose the others were so limited, it was probably just balancing everything out.

Final Thoughts: Although I didn’t like all of the juices, the Plenish Cleanse has made feel good and not good all at the same time. I felt quite revived in the sense that my body felt like it’s had a lot of goodness, which I know sounds weird. I was very awake throughout the day and slept very well, waking up in a good mood the next day (which is awesome as I’m a massive grouch!). But, and this is probably because I didn’t drink all of the juices, I was starving by the end of it all and I desperately wanted some solid food. And I don’t mean any food, I needed junk food. I would have bitten someone’s arm off for a pizza, or crisps, or some chocolate. I’m actually quite disappointed by this, as I hadn’t craved any junk food for weeks! I did just have salad and vegetarian food the next day though, as I didn’t want to give in and order a Domino’s (as much as I wanted to!). I was fed up of juices and really don’t want another one soon, plus I didn’t notice a difference to my body/skin in the day as you’d probably have to do at least three to see a change. I did appreciate the elevated mood the next morning though!

Would I Recommend This? Definitely if you’re a fan of anything celery and beetroot, or don’t mind more vegetable tasting juices. I personally found it a struggle due to this, but actually drinking juices is definitely doable if you have the willpower. If you can’t stretch to the full Plenish Cleanse, the founder Kara Rosen has put together a book which I honestly think is brilliant. There’s so much information in this book, covering areas of concern such as stress, excess weight, high cholesterol, skin health and even yo sex drive (bowchickawowow). I think a lot of people would benefit from reading the Plenish book, especially as it has recipes for her juices too, as it’s a great way of introducing yourself to juicing!

Have you tried a juice cleanse? Or have any opinions on them?

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