A Love Letter to my Herdy Sleep Mattress


The Dreamiest Mattress...


Hello from our bedroom. Today I'm doing a mix of things: reviewing the amazing Herdy Sleep mattress, introducing you to a section of our bedroom and also discussing my plans for redecorating the rest of the room.

First up though: the mattress. So, the babes at Herdy Sleep were kind enough to send us this mattress and I literally cannot put into words how grateful I am for this. If there was one task I was dreading when it came to actually owning our own furniture, it was hunting for a mattress. Although people say it's super fun testing them out, I would probably find it a bit silly (sorry, I am the fun police) and end up buying the wrong one as I wouldn't be taking it seriously. So, I'm glad that decision got taken out of hands (in a sense) and we ended up with The Best Mattress Ever.

A bit of background on the Herdy Sleep mattress before I get into ranting about how comfy it is...

W H A T   A R E   T H E Y   M A D E   F R O M ? | The mattresses contains locally sourced wool which is blended with cotton and cashmere for an ultra soft finish. They only work directly with Herdwick sheep farmers and use fairly priced and sustainably farmed wool for their mattress. They help preserve the breed of sleep and support British agriculture in a meaningful and sustainable way!

H O W   A R E   T H E Y   M A D E ? | They're handmade in Yorkshire (with over 100 years experience!) and offers the comfort of a traditional pocket sprung mattress, but arrives in a box which is 10x more convenient. There's a full fleece at the centre, too. The benefit of this is that it naturally regulates heat, meaning you're warm in winter and cool in summer (I can vouch for this!). Each mattress is naturally chemical-free too.



W H A T   T Y P E   O F  M A T T R E S S   I S   I T ? | Herdy Sleep combine natural materials and traditional techniques to create this luxurious pocket sprung mattress. There's 6000 pocket springs in a king size so it's designed to support you. The material of flexible and responsive, to it easily adjusts to keep you comfortable throughout the night!

H O W   D O   Y O U   G E T   IT ? | First off, they have a very helpful website that answers all of the questions you might have! They also do sizes from a single to super king and can even custom make you one if you like. Your mattress arrives in a super handy box and it's delivered to your room of choice. You just need to roll it out, leave it for a bit and you're good to go. They'll even take your old mattress away too!

All Herdy Sleep mattresses come with a 100 night sleep trial and a 10 year guarantee.


So, What Did I Think?


As I said before, just having the one mattress to pick from makes it so much easier as you know they'll have made that one mattress into the best it could be. There wasn't much waiting between ordering a mattress and booking a delivery which was great as I was so excited! We were using an old double mattress that the previous owners had left (it was in the spare room so barely used but not that comfy!) and we bought a king size frame, so we needed a new one asap! They also took that one away which made it so much easier too.

Anyway, they arranged a day for delivery that was convenient to me. It arrived first thing in the morning and they delivered it to the bedroom as requested. It's quite a heavy box, not unmanageable but fairly heavy, so I'm glad they heaved it up the stairs for us!

It arrives in the Herdy Sleep branded box (it's 51cm x 51cm x 106cm so you can picture it, it's not that big!) and is neatly packaged inside. You just have to take it out of the box, position it at the base of your bed and then roll it out into position. You use the little cutter they provide and leave it 24hrs before sleeping on it. This was the only issue I had with it because we do not have any other bed in the house at the moment (as we still haven't decorated the spare room) so we couldn't leave it the full 24hrs. I think we left it from around 8:30am to midnight then had to go to bed, but we haven't had any issues because of this.

So, is it comfy? YES. Oh my god it's so ridiculously comfortable. We've tested it for the full 100 days - as we would if we'd bought it - and I can say it has been amazing since day one. My boyfriend describes it as 'surprisingly supportive' because it feels so soft when you lie down, so you expect it to sink in or become lumpy, but it doesn't at all. It adjusts to the way you sleep (not in the annoying way a memory foam mattress does where you get a human shaped print like a crime scene) but it just supports you perfectly. I do mean soft when I say it too, it's gloriously comfy. It must be the blend of wool, cashmere and cotton that makes it so cosy.

I can honestly, hand on heart, say I have not had a single bad nights sleep since we've had this mattress. Phil wanted to chip in here and say he thinks the same too. It's been soft, supportive, comfy, cosy and all round amazing. I used to get such a bad back, hip and neck from our old mattresses, but I haven't had single problem with this one. Just night after night of solid, comfortable sleep!

If you're looking for a new mattress, then I would 100% recommend Herdy Sleep!


So, mattress aside. What else have I done in here? We got rid of the IKEA Hemnes bedside tables and got these from Maisons du Monde instead. I know, I know, they look very orange. But, I promise they'll look much nicer once I've found a new chest of drawers (maybe this one or this one) and everything matches a bit better. When I was taking these photos, I also realised how much I do not want all of the walls in here to be white. It just looks so plain and boring to me! I know I've got artwork to put up on the walls and that should be arriving shortly, but I just need some life in this room! The ceilings are quite high (as you can see from the photo below) so I really need to work with the space so it doesn't look bland.

I also need to swap up the cushions, as I really don't want a light-pink-white-and-grey theme in here and, like I said in this post, I need to add more terracotta, moody greys, dark green, vintage wood and warmer tones! I'm trying to persuade Phil to buy me this green velvet chair too, as it's beyond gorgeous. I've got so many plans for the space we have in the bedroom (as it is a decent size) but unfortunately I don't have an unlimited supply of cash so things have to wait - I hate being patient haha.

So yes, there's some plans and a review all all-sorts tucked into one lil blog post for ya. I promise I'll do some more interiors posts once more things arrive - maybe as little areas of the house? I'll figure it out...

Helen x ps. yes, that is a bedside kettle so he can have tea on a morning...