How To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

There’s nothing better after a long day than an even longer, hot soak in the tub. Or that refreshing shower your body has been crying out for after being hunched over your desk all day. But because the bathroom is such a “high traffic” area of the home, it can often feel overrun with clutter, dust and wet towels.

Why not give these bathroom beautifying tips a try? And make your bathroom the ideal end of the day retreat you’ve always dreamt of?

Look at your Lighting

The lighting in our bathrooms isn’t something we really think about. Most of us simply pull the cord and go. But if you invest a little time and change into your bathroom lighting, you can transform your bathroom space in an instant. LED lighting is proving very popular with homeowners and it’s easy to see why; not only do stylish LED filament bulbs create a warm and unobtrusive light source but they also help you save money on your energy bills too! It’s a win, win!

Tidy Up

Yes, it’s the job that no one wants to do but giving your bathroom a good clean will give it an instant lift, and make it look inviting to residents and guests! We’re all guilty of having too many lotions and potions in our bathrooms and that’s often the reason why our bathrooms look so untidy. The simplest solution is to have a good clear out and check the expiry dates on some of your bottles – you’ll be surprised how long we hold onto these bottles without realising they’re out of date.
Next, store everything you want to keep in some stylish storage solutions. Like some gorgeous fabric, storage baskets. Pop your toiletries in there as well as the extra loo roll and toilet cleaner and your bathroom will look completely different already!

Think Green

If you have the room, why not consider introducing a lovely, leafy plant into your bathroom. Not only to plants improve the air quality around us but they also add an effortless chic – think glossy home magazine or all those enviable bathrooms on Instagram. Choose a plant that loves humidity and you won’t have to worry too much about killing it off.

Keep it Practical

We’d all love to have a minimalistic bathroom and channel a spa feel at home. But in most cases, practicality must reign supreme. Keep your bathroom counters and ledges clear and clean, decant your favourite soaps and lotions into stylish glass bottles and store your cotton buds and wipes in matching jars. Hide as much of the garish packaging as you can, and your bathroom will have an instant lift.

Add a Touch of Luxury

After all that hard work of cleaning the bathroom and hiding your clutter, why not treat yourself! Indulge yourself with some gorgeously plush, thick cotton towels. Keep them white and folded perfectly in your airing cupboard – or have them rolled up on the side in the bathroom. They feel as good as they look!