weekend: family and lipstick

i know it’s blurry but i liked it that way
no photoshop = tired eyes
my lipstick is ‘vegas volt’ by MAC. quite a bright coral colour, for some reason colours never seem as bright in photos as they do in real life. maybe because i’ve got a rubbish camera? perhaps
i keep my nailpolish in glass jars, i think it looks nice. my hello kitty money box is filled with pennies, this is not good when you’re poor like me
my blythes came out of hiding when my dad put my shelf up. some find them creepy, but i think they’re adorable.
the coat i wore today. i nearly sent it back as i thought it was thin for the £90 price tag, but i’ve grown to adore it as the weather starts to get warmer and i start to love more 60’s inspired pieces. i paired it with a simple black skater dress, black tights and ballet shoes. i had it with a vintage dress yesterday but i don’t have a picture of it, it’s beautiful though. even has pockets, which pretty much sells a dress instantly to me.
the wedges that i wear in the house (complete with scuffs) to get me used to wearing heels again after i hurt my ankle about 5 weeks ago. they’re from topshop

i’ve spent the last few days doing various activities, spending time with my sister and her kids, seeing the boyfriend, going to university, seeing my friend sharon, trying to mentally organise my life but failing miserably… the list goes on. it’s not very exciting, believe me. i wish i had the money to jet around the world and show you’s interesting things but unfortunately, i do not.
i’ve heard too many stories about people passing away over the past few days, especially as one of them was a guy on my degree course who was younger than me. even though i didn’t know him, i was extremely sad about it.
i feel kinda bad posting anything commercial or shallow after mentioning that so i think i’ll leave it to my next post, sorry for the depressing vibe, guys!