Why I Love Autumn Style


Coat: H&M | Jumper: H&M | Jeans: Whistles | Boots: Acne | Bag: Louis Vuitton


Oh, Autumn.


I think Autumn has to be my favourite season. The colours, the potential outfits, the layering, the endless supplies of orange hot chocolate... I get really inspired to take photos at this time of year and, despite hating being cold, I genuinely look forward to those mornings when I can actually put on a proper coat or a scarf. The high street really comes alive in A/W I think, as often Summer styles or trends can be a bit hit and miss, plus anything cropped gets a big no from me. So, here's why I love A/W dressing:

1: Accessories | I love buying new boots and scarves in Autumn. There's just something so satisfying about putting on a new, huge, snuggly scarf that's bigger than you are and burying your face into it. I buy boots every year, but I do love waiting to see what's out in the shops and buying that first Autumn pair - my fave!

2: The Coats | It's no secret that I'm a coat addict. I absolutely love them to the point that they take up 70% of my double wardrobe. I am on the hunt for something camel and belted this year and I will not stop until I get it. I just really love the way coats can really save an outfit and add a bit of oomph to something plain!

3: The Tones | I am really into my camel, nude, white and black tones at the moment. Whether it's warm eyeshadows or a big beige knit, I am totally feelin' the Autumn vibes. I just want to blend into a tree from now until mid-Nov, ok?

4: Bein' Cosy | I mean, a Starbucks or Costa cup is basically a fashion accessory at this time of the year and I for one will be wearing mine with pride. I do really love being warm and cosy in Autumn clothes though and there's nothing nicer than layering up soft knits with warm coats and an oversized scarf - bliss.

What do you love about Autumn style?