INTERIORS: Decorating for 2015

2015 is looming and I have no idea how to celebrate it as of yet, but what I do know is it is a great opportunity to start afresh, whether that’s continuing on from the sterling year you’ve just had or wishing to leave the troubles of 2014 well and truly behind you.

Whilst the weight loss idea is certainly good, January has to be the worst time of year to grab a gym membership; every single centre is just PACKED! Dieting fads are also a no-no, saving money never really lasts past spring and attempting to use less social media has turned into a bigger conundrum than quitting smoking!

One of the top five resolutions last year was to redecorate. Unlike an uphill battle of a resolution (like losing five dress sizes), redecorating is a great way to clear your mind ready for the New Year.

I really love the cosy vintage feel and it’s easy to replicate. Here is a basic plan to transform your bedroom into a fashionable and cosy environment…

Accessories // To make the most out of the January sales, I’m going to start backwards and grab the accessories first (then keep them nicely hidden for when the paint comes out).

This means plenty of cushions, throws and rugs to banish the cold. Instead of popping to stores, I’m going to search online and see if I can get personalised bits’n’bobs to really make my space extra cosy. I’ve already found Jonny’s Sister that specialise in that. I love the Love Letter cushion and enamel tins.

As convenient as these megastores are, they do lack the personal touch so items like lampshades and throws are all going to be sourced at independent stores (touch wood!).

And talking about wood, I can’t wait to get some personalised photo frames and desk tidies to make my blogging space all smart.

Lighting // Whilst the lampshades will be sorted, next on the list is the lighting. It’s so dark and dingy at the moment, you definitely need a couple great sources for night, especially if you freelance or work from home. For this, an elegant floor lamp with a dimmer means you can easily turn a bright working light into a “now it’s bedtime and time for reading” dim.

Also, no bedroom makeover would be complete without some delightful fairy lights about the place.

Lick of paint // A really simple and cost effective way to brighten up any room, without putting in massive amounts of effort in, is a lick of paint.

A cream/beige base is ideal and will have the longevity, but can lack personality. To get a bit of individuality, why not include some doodles around the light bulbs and fixtures? And if you’re not a confident artist, you can always get wall stickers, colouring in wallpaper and even magnetic paint to have fun with.

Another way I’m definitely decorating my fresh new walls is plenty of photos. Friends and family dotted around the place as a firm reminder of how lucky I am.

Bedding // The final touches will have to include brand new bedding and is there a better feeling than diving underneath freshly bought covers?! Other than the smell of fresh sea air and the crunchiness of autumn leaves that is.

For new bedding, stores such as Wilkinsons and even Primark have affordable and attractive options, but with so much focus on the accessories, opting for a simple design would be ideal.

Wardrobe Space // As you can imagine, much thought into a decent wardrobe space is key for the fashion-obsessed. In terms of the wardrobe, it is important to keep all the clothes and accessories clearly separated so you don’t forget any hidden gems that get lost in the back somewhere.

Hanging bags that can be placed on the instead doors keep everything organised and out of view whilst dividers within the wardrobe are perfect for folded t-shirts and shoes.

It would probably be wise to invest in a clothing rail and a mountain of hangers too…

Helen x
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