Introducing Shoptagr – A New Way to Save Money when Shopping!


We all love shopping right? I know I do! It’s very, very rare that I’ll actually pay full price for something – including designer purchases – unless I have to. There’s no point paying more when you don’t have to, right? Before buying anything (and I mean anything) I always search for discount codes or coupons which is often hit and miss – but now I’ve discovered Shoptagr which does it all for me using a super easy button located in your browser (right hand corner below).


First of all, it’s free to use which is exactly what you want and it tells you when the items you want are on offer. You don’t need to bother browsing discount sites to find codes that may or may not work, you just browse your selected saved items (see below) in an easy to use Pinterest style page (which you can organise into sections if you fancy too!)


It’s very simple to use – just download the app for your browser or mobile, go on your favourite websites and see what items you like, click the Shoptagr icon in your bookmarks bar and enter your preferred info. You can narrow down your alert by size, colour and desired discount level, too. So if you’re after a top in black in a 10, but only want it at 50% off then that’s the alert you’ll get! I know I get sick of checking to see if the item I want is available – especially when the website doesn’t have a wishlist/saved section – so it’s nice to have it curated in your own little space and to be informed at the same time.


It takes a second to download it on desktop, it can save you a load of cash (and time!) and you can add anything from ASOS to Net-A-Porter to your wishlist. You can download it on iTunes and Android too, so you’ll get real time alerts (if you like) which is perfect if you’re got your eye on that certain item but can’t quite justify the price! Imagine how good it’ll be for Black Friday in or for Christmas shopping?

Will you be downloading it? Head on over to here to start shoppin’ and savin’.

Helen x

*collaborative post, but I genuinely use this myself! It’s so handy.