Introducing Tsuki and Matsu


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Say hello to the two newbies in our family - Tsuki and Matsu!

I'll start with a bit of backstory: we've wanted to get cats for ages, but as we've previously rented for two years before buying somewhere in January this year, we couldn't get any because rented places never allow them. Plus, Phil wanted to be settled somewhere instead of moving the cats every six months to a year, which is fair enough!

We had to wait until now as, since the end of January, we've been renovating the flat (we still have the kitchen and bathroom to go, but it should be done in the next month or so). We couldn't wait any longer though and decided we needed fluffy things in the house asap.

We initially wanted ragdolls (which these two are), then exotic shorthairs, then ragamuffins and we ended back on ragdolls due to the breeders available. As usual, there's not many up North so it was hard to find any that had a) the colours that we wanted and b) litters available. Seriously, you do not know how many people I emailed and we almost had to do an eight-hour round trip, but I'm glad we settled on someone local.

So, let me introduce you to the new kitties...


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We weren't supposed to get Tsuki, as she originally wasn't available so we had planned to get one from the litter that was 3 weeks younger than her. The breeder was originally going to keep her as a show cat, but decided on another one instead, so we found out she was available at the same time as Matsu - it must have been fate!

Tsuki is a blue-point ragdoll girl, born the 19th July and is a dinky little thing. When we first went to see them, she was the biggest of the litter but Matsu is about 1/3 bigger than her now.

She's a bit more strategic than her brother and likes to wait for the right moment to attack when playing. She gives as good as she gets when they're fighting too, so her small stature doesn't hold her back. She's got a loud purr, the softest 90s style crimped fur around her head and a very sweet nature. She's honestly such a gorgeous little cat!

Matsu is a cream point ragdoll boy, also born on the 19th July. He's the owner of rather large paws so I guess he'll be the same size as his dad when he's fully grown (his dad was huge!). I really wanted a cream point so was so happy when we found him, he's such a little cutie!

He absolutely loves attention and when you're fussing over her, he gets jealous and comes straight over. He has the loudest purr and feels like a cloud - honestly, ragdoll fur is like stroking a cotton wool ball mixed with cashmere (so soft!). He likes to wake us up at 6:30am by purring an inch from your face and I'll admit, there are worse ways to wake up!


They've both settled in quite well so far. I was very surprised at how confident and affectionate they were within an hour of being in our flat on the day we brought them home. They both love exploring and investigating the flat, having a daft half hour a few times a day when they run absolutely mental around the house, and enjoy sleeping next to me on the sofa during the day.

Matsu did pee on our bed (a total of four times, luckily three were on the waterproof protector I got!) which I think was down to stress, but they've honestly been no bother. They're very friendly when people come round and have no issue with new visitors, they just hop straight up on the sofa next to them. They sit at the top of the stairs watching when the doorbell rings, they stalk the vacuum around the house and noises don't seem to bother them - they're very chilled! The only thing I have to watch out for is them chewing wires, as they seem to have a bit of a thing for my laptop cable.

I'll no doubt be posting more about them as time goes on and I've created an Instagram for them too if you fancy following along:


Instagram: @tsukiandmatsu

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