JEWELLERY: Vashi Christmas Gift Guide

earrings: round diamond studs | star staus | square studs | clover shaped suds
rings // first row: diamond ring | diamond and sapphire ring | diamond eternity style ring | pink diamond ring | second row: thin diamond and sapphire ring | diamond band ring | ruby and diamond ring | dipped diamond ring

There’s something so special about diamonds, isn’t there? I mean, I’m a minimal jewellery lover who mostly likes plain, think bands a dainty pieces, but I would give it all up for something diamond. Some day, ey? So, this post is a bit of a Christmas gift guide and picking out my favourite pieces from Vashi, who stock a huge range of pre-set and custom made diamond jewellery. Perfect for Xmas, or for that special someone, and I for one am jealous of whoever gets one of these pieces under the tree.

My stand out pieces have to be the plan diamond studs. Timeless, classic and you literally can’t go wrong with them. They’ll go with everything and add a bit of glamour while they’re at it! Ideal. As for the rings, I really love the first diamond ring and the plain band (2nd row, 2nd one down) as they’re right up my street.

Vashi has years of experience with diamonds and it’s so good that you can literally design your own ring and they’ll make it for you, ensuring you get the perfect one for you. Make sure you check out their site if you wanna treat someone this Christmas!

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Helen x
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