lifetime obsession: japanese culture

i’m not one of those total nutcases that go round making ‘peace’ signs and saying ‘kawaii’ but i do have a great love for japanese culture. they’re so polite, so respectful and it would be such a change from the UK attitude where people have to be forced to do something for someone else. i like the idea that they’ve adapted to this concept of everything being cuter, and it’s infiltrated every level all the way to businesses adopting ‘cute’ logos. i personally think it makes things seem a little cheerier, it makes me happier at least. i mean, who can’t go ‘aww’ at a panda with a happy face? i certainly can’t. i could have went to japan this spring with my friend who goes every year if i could have only afforded it. i probably would have came back with some more blythe dolls and a thousand notebooks with a cute face on. i am one of those people who watch japanese shows aswell, be it drama or anime (deem me a bit sad, i care not). they always have good storylines and are often quite dark depending on which one you watch. i’m currently watching this: 
yamato nadeshiko shichi henge is a drama featuring four boys that have to make their landlord’s niece into less of a horror movie fan and more of a lady. though, the boys featured are supposed to the most desirable etc in the school/area but i’ve seen better looking guys on street fashion photos. and i do have a thing for asian guys, i’ll happily admit that. like david chiang, my god he is beautiful.

i think more places should adopt this culture, maybe people wouldn’t be so annoyed if everything had a cute face:  ^_^