A Little Playlist for August | My Current Favourites

It’s not often I write about my favourite music on this blog, but when Get to the Front asked me if I’d share what I’d been listening to lately, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do so. Music is such a huge part of my every day life, as I can’t write or do any work without it. It ups my productivity, it can change my mood and I love discovering new artists to enjoy.

I used to go to gigs all of the time when I was younger. My friends and I used to go pretty much every week (sometimes 3x a week) depending on who was playing and they were so much fun. I used to listen to heavier music than I do now, think more Cradle of Filth (yes), The Blood Brothers, The Bled, Rammstein (one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to) and I was the biggest Marilyn Manson fan (still am, deep down) but I never got to see him live which was a bit devastating. My friends went down the emo route and I stuck to metal, the more screaming the better, the more guys with long hair… but I digress.

My taste has certainly changed since then and while I do love occasionally listen to people scream, I think I lie firmly in the ‘house/chill/electro/synthwave’ fan section. I do have a soft spot for 90s dance, RnB and techno though and I strongly believe it was the best decade for that type of music, even though it’s mostly tacky but I love it. I mean, Return of the Mack anyone? Classic.

Aaaanyway, I’ve decided to put together a little playlist of songs that I can’t get enough of right now so you can have a lil listen:

Helen x

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