Looking Stylish for the Races


As the sporting year continues, many are already casting their gaze to early April when the infamous Grand National will take place at Aintree Racecourse. What once had humble beginnings in the 1800s has now developed into an internationally renowned display of jump racing. The three day affair is guaranteed to enthral spectators as it is known for its drama and shock turn of events.

Despite there being a couple of months before the gates of the course opens, the majority of the attention turns to betting odds as Grand National punters descend on Coral. The popular British bookmakers is giving fans a head start with ante post bets, a service which has been a staple part of their company for the last few years, and thus adding another way of joining in with The Grand National betting hype. This system allows avid followers of the sport to get in on the action before the opening day; showcasing 40 contenders, and watched by millions of viewers, there is a lot to look forward to before April.

While betting is an intrinsic part of The Crabbie’s Grand National, so too is the fashion. In fact, it could be said that the fashion is just as important to a great number of spectators as is the races themselves. All three of the days are a great excuse to dress up, but it’s Ladies Day that is most fondly remembered within the fashion community, both for the fashion highs and lows.

Stated on the official website, there is no set dress code in place for this event, that being said smart attire is preferred, and in some ways expected. However, although there is an almost unspoken rule about how to dress, Aintree has issued a plea to the ladies of the races this year, imploring them to dress in a way that is aspirational. The reason behind this is said to be about eliminating the ladette, overly tanned female stereotypes that have become synonymous with the event in recent years; they want the ladies of Aintree to channel the glamour of Ascot rather than that of a nigh out.

In an attempt to help the transition along, style advice and tips are being offered out by the Aintree Racecourse team. One of the top three tips currently circulating is to dress for the weather. We all know that April is the month of unexpected showers, and as such it’s wise to plan for that eventuality. Editor Alex Longmore suggests ditching open toed shoes, and embracing layering – it’s about keeping it stylish while at the same time practical. After all, nobody wants to be seen on live TV cold in the rain sporting nothing but a short cocktail dress; not only is it embarrassing, it lacks elegance.

All joking aside, there is a lot riding on this racing event and it’s not just the drama surrounding The Grand National betting. To make sure you’re not one of the unfortunate few, make sure to keep up to date with both the odds and the latest fashion tips, that way you’re sure to stand out at one of Aintree’s most exciting festivals.

Helen x
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