mini reviews: elemental herbology

hello! i have some mini reviews for you all from one of my favourite skincare brands. elemental herbology hadn’t been a brand on my radar until kate mentioned their mask trio and ever since i’ve been kind of obsessed with them. now every time i venture into space nk, debit card in hand, i always gravitate towards them.  anyways, here’s what i think about five of their lovely products…

elemental herbology facial glow radiance peel, here | this lovely five minute mask uses enzymes to buff away dead skin cells, revealing brighter looking skin and renewing your complexion. now, i do love a good face mask and one that makes my dull skin have even the slightest hint of a glow gets a big thumbs up. the facial glow peel also smells like terry’s chocolate orange too. c’mon people, it’s awesome.

elemental herbology facial detox mask, here | along with being dull, my skin is quite congested – especially around my nose and cheeks – so i try to use a clay based mask often to clear that up. i find the facial detox mask to be really soothing and calming, which is great when my skin is feeling irritated. i usually leave it on for around 10 minutes and it works to sweep away any dirt and grime that may be deeper in pores, resulting in clean and even looking skin.

elemental herbology moisture milk moisturiser, here | i’m just gonna start by saying i love this product. it’s aimed at oily skin that needs light hydration and a bit of help regulating sebum production in the skin. you only need a small amount for the whole face and it really does work to hydrate yet it mattifies the skin for quite a long time. whenever i use the moisture milk moisturiser my skin just feels so soft and smooth, it’s just lovely, really!

elemental herbology perfect balance SPF12 moisturiser, here | the aim of this moisturiser is to balance the skin out, whilst protecting it from the sun and helping repair it from any damage. definitely one for the summer months, it’s light and refreshing on the skin and (similarly to moisture milk) helps regulate it to keep the shine at bay. i like how it has added SPF in and it honestly does what it says on the tin!

elemental herbology delicate cleanse, here | i only used to use one cleaner (philosophy’s purity) but since reading more and more beauty blogs, i’ve added a lot more to my collection. this one is one of my favourites as it’s gentle enough to use as a morning cleanse or as a first cleanse on an evening, yet powerful enough to remove makeup, dirt and grime effectively.

another product worth noting from their range is their cell food serum, here, which makes skin so much brighter the next morning. it’s one of my favourites!

have you tried any of their products? i’d love to know what you think!

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*this post contains PR samples

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