mini reviews: origins

Hello! Now, I’ve had a questionable experience with Origins in the past. Their products, mainly the A Perfect World SPF25 Moisturiser and Modern Friction exfoliator, broke me out into a huge, irritated rash across the left-hand side of my face. It was positively awful, took around three weeks to clear and over a month of constantly pestering their customers service team (who were mostly useless) to get a refund. So, as you can image, I was skeptical about using their products again. But as I’m a sucker for reading reviews and being drawn in by new releases, some items ended up finding their way into my skincare drawer.
First up is two products from one of their new ranges; the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser and GinZing Eye Cream. The first thing you notice is the scent, as they’re very zingy and fruity yet don’t irritate the skin. I’ve been enjoying using the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser on a morning, as it hydrates without being too thick or greasy and gives skin a bit of a boost. Same with the GinZing Eye Cream, although the pinky tone doesn’t stay on the skin, it’s still a nice day time moisturiser and has made a positive difference to the texture of my eye area.
As for treatments, I mentioned the Clear Improvement Mask in a previous post and I still try to use it at least once a week. It does work to make the skin look clearer and brighter by cleaning deep down into pores and getting rid of all the grime. It dries solid so apply it when no-ones around as you won’t be able to talk properly! Finally, my favourite product has to be the Make A Difference Plus Treatment. I use this like a moisturiser in the evening, over whatever serum or oil I decide to use and it gives the skin a big boost of moisture. My skin always looks more hydrated, plumped and just, well, better when I wake up. It’s really a stand out product!

So, I think it’s safe to say that I’m an Origins convert and shall be trying more of their products in the future. I really fancy the Drink Up Intensive Mask and the oil free High Potency Night-A-Mins as potential purchases!

What’s your favourite product from Origins? Let me know below.

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