My Christmas Wishlist 2015


Left to Right: Acne Velocite Jacket | Whittard’s Hot Chocolate | Chloe Drew Bag | Kate Spade Notebook | Grey Fringe Jumper | A Year In Cake Book | J Brand Boyfriend Jeans | NARS Blush Palette | Acne Jensen Suede Boots | ShopDixi Ring | Nicolas Kirkwood Flats | NARS Lipstick Set | Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad | Bella Freud Jumper | ShopDixi Earrings | A Lot On Her Plate Cookbook | Essie Afterschool Boy Blazer | Givenchy Antigona Bag

I’ve become absolutely obsessed with reading Christmas wishlist posts on other blogs. Obsessed. It’s so nice to see what people like or what they’d want in an ideal world, from the smallest gestures to the big dream purchases. So, I’ve taken a leaf out of their book and decided to put together my perfect Christmas wishlist. Obviously it’s 90% hypothetical, as a lot of the items are hella expensive and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if someone actually bought me it all (aside from feel mega guilty). But, it’s nice to jot everything down even if you haven’t got a hope in hell of getting it!

If I had to pick one thing… It would be a toss up of three, to be honest. The Acne Velocite jacket has been on my wishlist since it was released, as has the Givenchy Antigona bag (small) and the grey Chloe Drew bag. They’re all utterly perfect and imagine how snuggly you would be in that jacket! I think I’d sleep in it…

Dreaming aside, I’d love a new bottle of Essie Afterschool Boy Blazer as it’s my favourite polish but mine has went gloopy so a replacement would be nice. Oh and I’ve always wanted to try some of the Whittard’s hot chocolates, so I think the white chocolate, rocky road or salted caramel would make me eternally happy!

What are you after this Christmas? Sensible or dream wishlist picks welcome.

Helen x
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