My Favourite Haircare Brand: Davines

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It's love...

I find searching for new and effective haircare quite hard, especially when it's at a higher price point as you don't want to waste your money or use something that makes your hair look like you've dipped it in grease. As far as my hair goes, it's pretty 'normal' with slightly drier ends, I wash it every 2-3 days and it's blonde so I try to keep those pesky brassy tones away. I've tried dozens of haircare lines over the years, from the cheapest to ones that are £40+ a bottle and there's one brand that's has stood out to me: Davines.

Stocked by the likes of Cult Beauty and Liberty in the UK and Look Fantastic in America, Davines is an Italian brand that has gained a bit of a cult following for making products that work. I've tried a good chunk of their ranges, including Love, Melu, Minu, Dede, Solu, Alchemic (for blondes) and Oi so I'd like to think I've tested enough to give a darn good review. Their products stay away from parabens and other nasties and the packaging is pretty darn dreamy too...

The Love Range

If you had of told me a few months back that I would be using a shampoo for dry hair and using a smoothing balm, I would have probably laughed and assumed it would weigh my hair down. But, like all of the Davines range, it just works wonders. My hair was a bit frizzy recently, but this range just takes it all away. It leaves me with soft, smooth and manageable hair but it still feels light and lovely. Both the Love Shampoo and the Love Conditioner smell amazing and the Love Hair Smoother makes my hair so shiny.

The Alchemic Range

Aimed at those with blonde hair, this silver/violet shampoo and conditioner duo takes the brassy tones out of lighter locks so you can maintain your hair colour without those yellow or orange tones creeping in. I've tried a few purple shampoos over the years and I do have my favourites, but these are pretty darn good. It's usually the shampoo that's pigmented, but with this pair it's the conditioner and maaaan is it violet! I had used up this whole tub before taking a photo, but if I purchase another one I will have to show you.

The Solu Range

This Solu clarifying shampoo works fantastically well. It lifts any product or build up of any kind to leave your hair feeling light and clean, but without stripping it and making it dry. I really like this one and use once per week and really work it into my hair to make sure everything is as clean as can be.

The Oi Range

Again, I've only tried one product from this range, but it's my favourite of everything I've tried so far. The Oi All In One Milk is a leave-in conditioner/treatment that smells amazing, It has a milky texture that disappears into your hair. It's nourishing and makes the end of my hair feel amazing, so I'm very pleased I have this little black bottle in my collection.

I have reviewed some products previously which you can read here if you'd like to hear about the other ranges!

The ranges they have are truly fantastic and I love how each product in a range works perfectly, as with other brands I've found at least 1 product to be a bit 'meh' but with Davines they're all great. I think they'll be a long term staple in my routine and a brand I will use for years and years (hopefully). Make sure you check them out. Now, I'm off to add more to my basket... I'm thinking the Oi shampoo/conditioner, Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo and the Liquid Spell treatment.


All items have been gifted