My Favourite Jewellery ft Pandora

pandora bracelet michael kors watch shop dixi ringspandora bracelet michael kors watch shop dixi ringspandora bracelet michael kors watch shop dixi rings

I wear the same jewellery pretty much every day. Whether this is due to laziness or just having found the right pieces, I’m not sure, but it’s not very often I change things up. As my jewellery is always a regular feature in some way on here or on my instagram, I thought I’d do a little round up of the pieces I wear the most.

Michael Kors Watch | Yes, I got on the MK watch hype at the same time everyone else did and yes, I still love it. It’s heavy, chunky and menswear in style which makes it my favourite. Whenever I try and wear anything else, it feels so light and weird and I can’t stand it! I have three of them in total, but will be selling the other two soon as I just don’t wear them often enough to justify having all three! My gold one with the white face is my favourite and I’m tempted to go for something silver in future.

Pandora Bracelet | The latest addition to my collection. I remember when Pandora first came onto the scene when I was in school and everyone bought one, so I guess I’m late to the party with this one. Regardless, the Pandora silver bracelet is simple in style, which suits the rest of my jewellery and the charms are just so darn cute! I went for the Pandora silver eiffel tower charm and this pretty Pandora fleur-de-lis open work charm patterned bead, which are both gorgeous and I know I’ll be adding to it constantly.

Monica Vinader Bracelet | The Fiji bracelets from her stunning collection are really popular and I absolutely adore that mine is engraved with my name (which was a surprise!). I love how delicate it looks and sits next to my watch perfectly. I would love more pieces from her collection, as she does everything from plain silver and gold to super luxe diamonds. Her rings would be a welcome addition!

Shop Dixi Rings | Speaking of rings, I actually wear six on a daily basis, four normal rings and two over knuckle plain bands. Nearly all of them come from Shop Dixi, as I’ve collaborated with them since they were a small company right up to the success they are today (so proud *wipes tear*). They have a fantastically curated selection of boho pieces, using natural elements such as crystals and gypsy-ish accents to establish a beautiful aesthetic.

What are your favourite jewellery pieces in your collection?

Helen x
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