My Favourite Lip Balms


Oh lip balms. I’ve always been a bit of a lip balm addict and have amassed a bit of a collection and the years have went on. Far gone are the school days of Vaseline though *shudders* as I’ve moved on to anything nourishing and soothing to help my lips, which always seems to lean more on the dry side. Since I’m taking Roaccutane (and today is the first day my skin has actually felt dry, a week in) lip balms have been in use more than ever to keep everything hydrated. So, for you fellow lip balm lovers, here’s a rundown of my faves.

Stick | If you’re not a fan of a tub, then stick shaped balms are often the way to go. I have three favourites for this particular category in my arsenal. First is a new purchase (as mentioned in my recent skincare haul) which is the Vichy Aqualia Lip Balm. To me, it smells a little bit perfumey but that disappears quickly and it leaves a light feeling yet seriously hydrating layer on your lips. It’s so comfortable to wear! Next is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose, which is such a pretty rosy hue – as you can imagine. This stuff smells like sherbet lemons so is so addictive, plus it’s perfect for nourishing your lips during the day. Finally, the classic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm which, although it’s not as thick as the original, still leaves your lips feeling comfortable!

Oils | A new style of lip treatment, lips oils have become quite a cult product over the last few months. I particularly like the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils, as they offer exactly what they say on the tin. They’re have a light, yet slightly tacky, oil base which glides over lips and gives them a protected feeling. With them being slightly tinted, they give a subtle wash of colour and make lips look more perfected too!

Tubs and Tubes | One of the first ‘higher end’ (ie more than a couple of quid) lip balms I ever bought was the Korres Lip Butters. I have both pomegranate and mango and I love them both equally, as they’ve worked so well to hydrate my lips over the years. They give a great tint to the lips, too, so are perfect for days when you want colour but don’t wanna wear a lipstick. The final one on my list is another newer purchase, the L’Occitane Ultra Rich Lip Balm which I’ve been wearing a lot on a nighttime to really pamper my skin. It’s a thick yet non-greasy balm that hydrates for hours on end so is definitely worth picking up!

What’s your favourite lip balm?

Helen x
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