My Favourite Lush Shower Scents


I’m such a LUSH convert these days! I used to pick up my face mask and occasionally a shower gel in the past, but recently I’ve been overcome with some sort of Lush madness and I want to buy absolutely everything… Shower products seem to be my favourite right now and I’ve become completely obsessed with a few of the Lush shower scents, so here’s the three I’d recommend picking up immediately.

Lush The Comforter Shower Cream | I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but the comforter is possibly my favourite scent from Lush. I always have the bubble bar in my bathroom and was positively overjoyed when it ceased being an Oxford Street exclusive and went nationwide. Naturally, I bought the biggest bottle they had and have been obsessively using it ever since. With blackcurrant to give that delicious fruity yet comforting scent, almond oil to soften skin and bergamot oil to help cleanse the skin and make you feel all fresh – it’s a pampering treat whether you’re having a quick morning shower or an evening Autumn soak. Plus it’s bright pink, c’mon.

Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream | Have you ever tried those Nice biscuits? This shower cream reminds me of them. It’s a glorious mix of chocolate orange and coconut and you want to smother yourself in it. It contains grapefruit oil, cocoa absolute, organic cocoa butter and bergamot oil which combines together for a deliciously scented sweet treat. It’s bright yellow and amazing and you need it.

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel | If warm but juicy, fruity scents are more your thing then you have to get your nose all up in the Beautiful shower gel. With fresh peach juice, dried apricot, warming myrrh and osmanthus absolute to give a slightly floral kick, there’s something so comforting and uplifting about this scent. It makes skin feel so soft and lathers well so you only need a small amount – it’s like a big, fruity warm hug in a bottle.

What are you favourite Lush shower scents? 

Helen x
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