My Office Plans

If there's one thing I don't think I've mentioned before, it's that I don't actually have an office. Well, technically we do have one in the flat but it's Phil's and I just don't feel right sitting in it all day - especially as it doesn't have a comfy chair like this -  and it's not set up the way I would like it to be (obviously). It also currently contains two work benches which will be going in the kitchen when we get it done, so it's not exactly the most motivating working space as it's a bit of a mess right now!

The rest of the kitchen is currently sitting in the spare room which will eventually be my office/dressing room/guest bedroom when we get everything sorted. I honestly can't wait for the kitchen to be completed so I can have that room back! I miss the floor space and I can't wait to get rid of all of the boxes and units, as it makes me feel very claustrophobic every time I go in there.

So, as this will hopefully be done in December/January (edit: It's now April and it still isn't finished!), I thought I'd put together a little edit of things I would love to have in my office and how I'm planning to set everything up. I've went back and forth on style so many times, but I think I want it to be a combination of white, dark navy, dark grey, blush pink, brass and vintage wood.

I think I want to keep it looking quite chic and reasonably minimal, as it will be the space I get dressed in as well as work so I need to feel inspired by my surroundings. We've already bought a dark grey sofa bed for there too, so it being cosy for anyone staying over (or when one of us is ill or staying up late) would also be a bonus!

I've been doing my usual thing of stalking pinterest for inspiration plus checking out lots of blogs and independent office designers like Penketh Office Interior Design, so let's go through each section of my office and what I'm thinking of doing.

Of course, the most important bit would be a desk. I would really like vintage style medium-dark wood desk, as I think they look so chic. There's a few places near me that do vintage furniture so I stalk their new stock on Facebook regularly, but if they don't have anything I want in, then I think I'll go for something like this or this from West Elm - I'll have to see how much space I have!

For my desk chair, I already have this amazing pink velvet chair in our bedroom which I'm going to move over as I want to get a green velvet one instead. I think this will be the pop of pink required, as navy/white will be the main focus in this room so I don't want it to be too girly. On the sofa bed - we bought this one - I'll be using light cushions to brighten the place up as I don't want it to look too dark.

I'll be putting up artwork on the walls, but I want to keep it fairly minimal. I'm obsessed with outlines of people or flowers right now - like the works of Sefton & Segedin who I stalk on Instagram - so something like that would work perfectly for this space I think. Depending on which walls I paint, I'll be going for gold or black frames I think.

As my desk will double as a dressing table and I'll be putting all of my makeup in the drawers, so a mirror will definitely be required for the space. I'm not sure whether I should get a circle one or a hexagon - what do you think?

As for other decoration, I'll be getting some cute brass items and plants (as always) but keeping it fairly chill!

What else do you think I should do in my office? I can't wait to get started!