My Personal Goals for 2022


My Personal Goals for 2022

2022! It feels very strange to type that out, but here we are. After two years of being stuck in a pandemic and very little room for personal growth, it feels like the perfect opportunity to push ourselves to do the things we may have put off for a little while. That's how I feel, anyway. This year, I'm setting myself some personal goals - some light and fluffy, some more serious - and I hope to achieve them by the end of the year, or incorporate them into my every day life going forward.

Grow My Hair

Yes, starting with something small, but I'm attempting to grow my hair to a slightly longer length than I usually have it. It's just going to be a few inches longer, but since having my hair in a centre-part, it feels like it needs that little bit extra. I'm aiming for mega blonde, slightly wavy, scandi hair and I will achieve it.

Keep Up The Blog

During the pandemic, my blog sort of fell to the side with the rest of my mental health, drive and any capacity to be a functioning human. In the latter part of 2021, I really picked it back up again and have really enjoying sharing bits about the house, my life and my outfits so I'm hoping to continue it on a regular basis throughout 2022. I'll have been blogging for TEN YEARS this year - madness!

I'd also like to keep consistently posting to Instagram, as my goal is to share more this year.

Do Some Courses!

I've been thinking about this more and more, but I really want to learn how to do more things. I would love to do a reupholstery course, or even one learning how to use a sewing machine would be a start. Anything with flowers would be great. Cooking classes - any cuisine - would also be amazing. I'm really going to push myself to do some this year.

Make New Friends!

It seems so lame to type that out, but as I feel like as you get older your friend circle gets much smaller. I love the friends that I have, but I would also like to make some new ones too because why not? It's kinda tough doing that working from home, but I'm hoping the above and maybe joining some exercise groups might help.

Get Some New Glasses

A very simple one to achieve, but I've been meaning to get glasses that suit me properly for about a year! I've already ticked this one off.

Stick To An Exercise Routine!

This I've already started, as I've managed to do pilates for 30 minutes a day for a month now. I've only missed a few days which is pretty good going! I would love to keep it up and do a minimum of 30 minutes of strength or stretching based exercises on the daily. I also want to incorporate 30mins on the spin bike 3x per week too. Oh and keep up those longer walks too. Not much, eh.

Refine My Style

Another fluffy topic, but A/W really is my season. It's the clothing I feel most comfortable in, the style I like to wear the most, so this year I really want to work on making my wardrobe more transeasonal. Making outfits or certain items work 12 months of the year is the aim!