My Spring/Summer Shoe Picks


Leopard shoes from here

Let's Talk About Shoes...

It's S/S shoe time, lads. When the weather is a little warmer and you start to brave getting your ankles out and maybe, just maybe, your toes too. You might start to pull out your long forgotten (and if you're like me, beaten up) sandals from last year and look your boots with disdain, as you do the official Wardrobe Swap™ for this season. I wear boots all year round and even I've started to glance at them with a grimace now.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to share some of my top picks from the highstreet (there's a couple of designer choices in there, not many though) to help you narrow down your shopping.

Black is my favourite colour

You can't go wrong with a good staple pair of black sandals. I had a £16 pair from ASOS that lasted me years and they were so comfortable! Opt for good quality materials and they will see you through season after season.


Bright and Colourful

Jazzing up a plain look with something bright is always a winner. I'm really into red, terracotta and orange as my accent colours for this Summer, so I love pairing a brighter bag and shoes with something more neutral.


Keep It Neutral

I think neutrals are having a bit of a moment right now, but picking a classic tone is never a bad choice. If you're bored of black and not brave enough for brights, then something in a more muted colour can really elevate your wardrobe and be a staple for years to come.


Gotta Love An Animal Print

So you don't fancy all black, or neutral, but you don't want to wear a bright colour either... why not opt for an animal print? Leopard is one of my favourite things to wear and I personally think it can be worn like a neutral. Pair with a plain jumpsuit or some cropped linen trousers and a blouse and you're onto a winning Summer combo.

What are you favourite shoes to wear in S/S?

If you've seen any good ones, feel free to leave them in the comments!