My Tanning Routine with Bondi Sands Liquid Gold


It’s that time again, guys. The time you possibly, maybe, have to get your limbs out as the weather warms up. I always fall into one of two camps during this time; embrace the pale and pretend I’m Snow White or give me all of the tan immediately. There is no inbetween, no lightly bronzed (though the images may suggest this), just ghost-like or week-in-Ibiza. So, in light of this (and discovering a new tan that I love – all hail Bondi Sands Liquid Gold) I thought I’d share my routine for a perfect fake tan without having to step foot into the sunshine.


To begin, you’ll need some method of exfoliation (either gloves or a physical scrub), a razor, your favourite tan and mitt plus a moisturiser.

Step One | Hop into the shower and give your skin a really good scrub. Work round in circles and concentrate on those places that tan is likely to stick to, like elbows, knees, hands and feet. Make sure everything is super smooth – I always use the exfoliating gloves (just from Primark!) as they really speed everything up.

Step Two | Tan always goes on better when your legs are free from stubble – as much as it’s a chore. Get a super sharp razor – or whatever method you fancy – and remove it all. Exfoliating beforehand always helps with this as the cut tends to be closer to the skin and it seems to stop ingrown hair etc.

Step Three | Get your mitt and your tan and start applying! I’ve become obsessed with the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Dry Oil as it’s just so good. It smooths over like a normal body oil, feels hydrating and, more importantly, dries quickly without feeling sticky so you can throw your clothes on after ten minutes and go about your day. I am obsessed. Anyway, I always start from my legs upwards in long, sweeping motions and buffing it in around those areas such as knees and elbows. I always use the excess on the mitt to do my feet, hands and neck as I don’t tan my face so I don’t want it to be super dark. Aaand you’re done.

Step Four | When everything has developed and it’s the next day, keep lightly exfoliating so it fades evenly and then moisturise after you’ve got out of the shower as keeping your skin hydrated can make your tan last longer – yay for being bronzed!

How do you do your tan? Or do you not bother and stick to being pale and interesting?


Helen x