NEW IN: London Retro Glasses

Hello! As you may or may not know, I am and have been since about the age of seven, a glasses wearer. My eyesight it literally awful, and I don’t mean in that comical way when someone borrows your glasses and makes over animated gestures about the strength of the lenses, I mean I am genuinely concerned how rubbish my vision is haha. So, to me, glasses are a very important part of my life (as wearing contacts all of the time makes your eyes horribly dry) and when a stylish pair come across my path, I have to have them.

When the lovely MyOptique contacted me to offer a pair to review, I was more than happy to take up the opportunity. My current glasses are a pair of oversized RayBan’s and, as much as I adore them, they slide down my nose every few seconds which drives me mad!

I opted for the ‘Metropolitan’ style by London Retro, as I do think larger frames suit me (not in a hipster way). As my other pair are black, tortoiseshell was my most desired choice, as it’s a bit softer and weirdly goes with my hair. Overall, I’m very impressed with the glasses (haven’t had to push them up once, bonus!), the quality seems great as they’re really sturdy and the way they sit is perfect. They’re a really reasonably price, too. I mean, £79 for stylish frames plus lenses is a bargain, considering my dad recently paid over £400 for a pair (!). I adore them and they pretty much haven’t left my face since they arrived!

So that’s my new frames! I would more than recommend having a browse on MyOptique if you’re after a new pair of glasses. They stock a big range of designer frames too like Gucci and Michael Kors, if you wanna treat yoself.

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