online stores: what the hell, new look

new look has always been a hit and miss store for me (much like primark), occasionally it has a few good items but you have to sift through the tat to get to them.
i was looking online at their store today when i came across these shirts. as i’m a big fan of the little collared shirt, skinny jeans and a blazer combo, i was very surprised to see these just sitting there among all of the gaudy coloured and badly fitted work shirts.
what surprised me more is the price. the red, yellow, red/navy and blue/black shirts are £14.99 each, the black with leather trim is £19.99 and the square print is £22.99. how cheap! especially as they’re all chiffon material and not clingy fabric.
i was going to order myself one or two (plus this amazing burgundy blazer) but realised their 20% off code ended yesterday! now i’m all reluctant as i could have got £20 off what i wanted to buy! hmm…