outfit: the AF bloggers budget challenge

i was quite a last minute participant in this months budget challenge, but i’m so glad the lovely sera from the agoraphobic fashionista decided to include me in it!
as a background, sera picks four bloggers to find an outfit from a selected store for under a certain amount of money, typically £20. you can add one staple item such as jewellery or a jacket, but i just picked the basics (other than my watch) and i’ll explain what i’d wear as an extra later in the post.
so, this month’s task was to find an outfit from primark for £20 so here’s what i bought:

polkadot dress: £13
black skinny belt: £2
black flat snakeskin effect shoes: £4
total: £19!

i wasn’t sure i’d be able to do it, as you know i love my designer accessories, but i quite like this outfit!
if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll also know that 90% of the time i’ll have jeans or shorts glued firmly to my legs, but it was nice to pick a dress and be a bit more girly. i think this dress is quite pretty as polkadots are one of my favourite patterns.

if i was wearing this out, i’d probably throw on a leather jacket and my marant boots (or keep the flats on) and for nighttime i’d swap the boots for wedges and stacks of black and gold jewellery.

i hope this challenge has inspired you to try a budget outfit for yourself, or to at least go and see what’s in primark at the moment (as there’s some really lovely things!).
see how my outfit compared to the other bloggers who are participating! i think they all look absolutely amazing:

they are:
lesley from lelliemoi
nicola from isayimposterista
and lizzie from blueoctober

let me know what you think :)

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