The Party Wear Edit


Yes, guys, it's that time of year: when you can dress like a living piece of tinsel and no one cares. Christmas and New Year always allows for some extra sparkle in your life, but dressing for the party season can sometimes be a bit tricky if you're not necessarily into skimpy outfits or you've got a work thang to go to.

So in today's post I'm breaking it down into a few little sections you can work with for each party situation. Whether you're going all out on glitter, or you want to keep it work appropriate, or you want to keep warm because, you know, it's December. So, let's get on with the suggestions: 

Full Glam

I do love seeing what pretty outfits the stores will bring out every year. I mean, it's the only time I'll consider buying all sequin trousers like that's a totally every day thing to do. There's so many good 90's and 00's throwbacks in the shops, so you can look like The Simple Life era Paris Hilton which everyone should aspire to be, to be honest.


But What Shoes?

Shoes can be a bit of a tricky one, right? I love wearing super high heels at this time of year, but 5" stilettos + ice = disaster (as the previous bruises on my knees when I was 18-22 would indicate). Luckily, there's so many types of pretty shoes out there at the moment - I love the silver glitter shoes from Uppersole Footwear - so you can opt for block heels, ankle straps, boots or flats without compromising on festive style.


The Office Party

I have a love/hate relationship with work parties - lucky I work for myself now, eh - as they can be great and provide lol's forever orrrrr a bit of a tricky situation where you did something but can't quiiiite remember it. Oh no. Anyway, actual events aside, there's so many options out there for you to be office-party-appropriate so you can look 10/10.


Keeping Warm

If any of you are like me, then you'll be permanently cold this season. I always have to bring some sort of blazer or faux fur with me so I don't end up with permanently hunched 'cold shoulders' as my boyfriend calls it. So here's my edit of the best snuggly items to keep you toasty no matter what the weather: 


All About Accessories

If you're not down with covering yourself in sequins, then you may want to opt for some snazzy accessories. You can turn an every day outfit - I mean, everyone has a 'jeans and a nice top' ensemble in their wardrobe - into something festive by adding some sparkly earrings or a pretty clutch.