the past four days: illness and other things

on friday i was very ill with a virus that had me throwing up for the entire day and resulted in no sleep, it was horrible. on saturday, my friend came over out of the blue and got sympathy food with me to try and make me feel better. i’m rather glad he did because it worked! i’m feeling a lot better now but still very cautious about eating too much or the wrong foods just incase it makes me ill again.
some of my books arrived and i am so excited to start reading them. i’ve began with i, lucifer and then i’ll probably read john dies at the end, as i think the storyline looks very interesting.
today, i have been to university and the gym, as i forced myself to go and i’m happy i did. now, i’m going to watch dexter (as it is my favourite show, like, ever) and do some more reading.
my nails are painted a wonderful dark plum colour called ‘saville row’ by nails inc, i’ve mentioned it on here before hence why it hasn’t got it’s own ‘today’s nails’ post.
hope you’ve had a lovely day, wherever you are.