PERSONAL: 10 Ways To Put Yourself In A Better Mood

Sometimes you just get stuck in a bit of a funk, right? I do on a daily basis, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, but occasionally it’s a bit harder to shake the sense of doom and gloom. So, in today’s post I’m gonna chat about ways I put myself in a better mood in the hopes that it may inspire you to drag yourself out of whatever rut you’re in.

Do Something You Enjoy | Think about one thing that makes you happy and get cracking. Whether this is as simple as reading a book, blogging or going for a walk, sometimes the simple things can be the most effective.

Eat Something Good | When I feel rubbish, I try and force something healthy down my neck as, although it may not feel like the best option at the time, it makes me 10x better afterwards. Failing this, order a pizza, bake something nice, eat some chocolate, grab your favourite food and do what you need to do!

Exercise | Exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Exercising = happy. I’m not saying go full whack at the gym, but taking yourself outside for a walk or even doing a few leg lifts can make you feel a hundred times better! Plus, it makes you sleep better too which might make you wake up in a better mood – bonus!

Read Something | Usually feeling down and feeling uninspired go hand in hand with me, so taking an hour or so to read a few blogs or a book or even just browsing the web can make me feel so much better! I always feel more inspired after checking out my favourite reads or pinterest boards.

Clear A Space | I’m not sure about you, but cluttered spaces make me feel so much worse. When I feel rubbish, I often find myself cleaning and creating a neat and tidy area. My mum always says ‘cluttered space, cluttered mind’ and I’m only just realising she was right all along.

Pamper Yourself | There’s nothing like a fresh manicure or a hot shower and body moisturiser or a hair mask to make yourself feel a bit better. I do what I call ‘therapy showers’ where I go through the full mask, do my legs, scrub, fake tan, facial oil routine and I end up feeling like a million bucks *sassy face*.

Get Dressed | A simple thing, but throwing some jeans on instead of slouching around in your pjs or sweatpants has such a positive mental effect. It seems so obvious, but trust me, even if you just throw on a bit of mascara – it sometimes helps!

Buy Something Little | Sometimes all you need to do is treat yourself! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but a new nail polish or lipstick addition gives me a little boost when I need it! Obviously throwing money at a problem doesn’t make it go away, but it gives you something else to focus on for a while and may put you in a happier state to deal with things.

Address The Issue | The thing people don’t like doing (I know I don’t). Often it’s easier to ignore what’s making us have a bad day, but often addressing the problem head on and getting it over with can result in you being happier in the end!

Talk It Through | There’s nothing like a good rant. My mum must be sick of me, because whenever I have a problem she’s the first one I call. Even if it’s something trivial or something that won’t matter in an hour but really matters now, it’s so good to just get it off your chest!

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Helen x
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