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Bit of a different post from me today. I’ve been meaning to take photos of my flat pretty much since I moved in, but over the last month or two there’s always been an issue when I’ve come to take some snaps. But anyway, this morning I finished taking some pics and thought I’d share part of my flat with you all today. Perfect considering I’m moving out in just over a week to a new place haha…

The lovely George at ASDA sent over some beautiful items for me to improve the look of my livingroom and kitchen a while back, so that’s the focus point of today’s post. Renting a flat can sometimes be a bit rubbish as you’re super limited as to what you can do with it. Luckily this flat already came with the white walls, wood floors and grey sofa so that was three points ticked off my list! Other than that, including some pretty cushions, storage, throws and dining sets can really make a difference I think!

One item that really caught my eye on the ASDA website was this amazing mirror. I’ve been obsessed with ornate, huge mirrors for years and am determined to have them all over my house so this one was ideal to kick off the collection. It’s so heavy and silver detailing is perfect for adding a focus point to an otherwise (sort of) minimal interior.

I also added a few more things to my baking collection, including cute storage jars which I’ll be filling with flour and sugar plus those sweet measuring cups. George at ASDA have some super cute kitchenware and dining sets online, whether you like graphic prints or more kitsch designs there’s definitely something for everyone and they’re so reasonably priced.

I’m a bit throw and cushion obsessed and currently own around seven or eight despite only using one bedroom, so I have a bit of an addiction to buying them. I just love being cosy and comfortable, so having soft, fluffy cushions and blankets I could wrap myself up in like a burrito are always high on my list. ASDA stock some gorgeous textured grey ones, so I could stick to my colour scheme but add in some detail instead of it being plain. I love this herringbone one and the letter ‘H’ one they currently have in stock!

So that’s my flat! I might do photos of my new one when I move in as I’m in that one for a year, so will be decorating it with cute prints and buying some nice makeup storage etc. I’m excited about it as it’s right on the quayside! I’m gonna do another post showcasing the baking side of my kitchen soon too, as I got some pretty tins and some pretty sweet appliances which have massively helped my cooking.

Have you bought anything from George at ASDA homeware? What do you think of my flat?

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Helen x
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