PERSONAL: Things That Made Me Happy #5

One: It’s Spring! | Even though the weather was a bit rubbish on and off yesterday, and I did get soaked and resemble a bit of a drowned rat – I’m glad Spring is finally here! I’m full embracing the warmer weather, actually having the windows open and planning some less covered up outfits. Hopefully you’ll all be able to see more variety in my looks, as I won’t be glued to jeans and jumpers! So, where I live, there’s lots of blossom trees dotted around and it’s so nice to see them in full bloom. I’m totally looking forward to lots of walks down the quayside and eating outside. Yay Spring.

Two: Decorating | Even though we can’t really do much with the flat because it’s rented, I recently received some boxes full of amazing interior bits and pieces and I can’t wait to show you all some pictures (eventually, huh). My boyfriend and I are hopefully buying a house by the end of the year, so I’m very excited at the prospect of doing it all properly. But, for now, some pretty cushions will have to do!

Three: Cake | I know this sounds ridiculous, but cake has made me happy this week. I took two lemon drizzle cakes into the office at the start of last week and they were really well received, which I’m so pleased about. I love baking for other people, as I thought I was always crap at cooking so it’s nice to find something I’m actually good at. I also had a blueberry and strawberry victoria sponge the other day and I am determined to recreate it!

Four: New Beauty | Since I cut down on my beauty collection (see my blog sale here – ends today!), it’s made me realised what I have and what I’m missing. If I’m honest, I could still cut it down again but we’ll leave that for a few months time. I went to the shops yesterday and did some tactical, yet spontaneous, shopping and picked up some great new colours that aren’t in my collection, and it’s made me feel a bit more inspired with my makeup!

Five: Improving My Skin | Now, this is a bit of an odd one because my skin has completely freaked out recently and I’m not entirely sure why, so I haven’t yet actually improved it. What’s making me happy is the idea of figuring it out and getting it back on track. Weird? Probably. But I’m reverting back to some old favourites (mostly Balance Me) and drinking my 2ltrs of water a day, so hopefully it’ll get back to its usual self soon!

What’s made you happy this week? My beauty blog sale ends today – go take a look!

Helen x
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