PERSONAL: Things That Make Me Happy #1

*Fresh flowers also make me happy. My mum always has some in the house! Also, apologies for using a pinterest photo, but this was a bit of a spur of the moment post!

Number One: Having Almost Clear Skin | My battle with my skin has been an ongoing one. I’ve never quite had acne, but I’ve constantly had blemishes (and usually quite a few), uneven skin and I’ve always let out a bit of a sigh every time I looked in the mirror. But, over the past month or two, I’ve really reduced down my skincare routine and my complexion has thanked me for it. It’s became clearer, brighter and actual blemishes have reduced significantly. I think I was using too much at once previously, so sticking to the same products for at least a week at a time (instead of chopping and changing every day) has made such a difference. I’m actually happy with my skin for once!

Number Two: Spending Time Away From The PC | Recently, I’ve been scheduling a blog post/tweets for the day and leaving my computer alone. I’ve been spending a little bit more time doing things that I like, such as playing xbox (yes, I do), watching TV shows that I love (looking at you modern family, the wedding oh my god, nearly cried) and sitting down with a pen and paper and planning posts. Constantly reloading social media and having a laptop on my knee all the time does nothing for me, so I’m glad I’m stepping back a bit as it’s quite refreshing.

Number Three: Appreciating Other Blogs | This is something I do alot, but recently I’ve been really taking the time to appreciate blogs a little bit more and have been extra inspired by others. I’ve been loving Tres Queentastic/Rosy Layers for her beautiful photography and well put together posts (and now videos!), Hello October for her dreamy posts and YouTube videos that I adore watching and From The Corners Of The Curve, for her overwhelming confidence, inspiring outlook on life and beautiful personality (and one of my favourites to stalk on instagram!).

Number Four: It’s Ok To Not Be Ok | I know it’s weird having this as a positive, but I’m only just realising that it’s ok to admit you’re not 100%. I’m very much an ‘I’m fine’ person, but recently I’ve accepted that it’s ok to be annoyed at something irrational, or upset that you didn’t achieve something you had your heart set on (no matter how small) or to be frustrated when something doesn’t work out. It makes you more human and pretending something’s ok when it’s not isn’t very healthy. Accepting this has made me a much happier person, bizarrely enough

Number Five: Getting A New Camera | I was in such a rut with my photos, I desperately wanted to do more with them and to improve my outfit pics, but just didn’t have the means to do it. There was nothing wrong with my old camera, but something as simple as having a flip screen has made a huge difference. I feel like I can do much more with my posts now and it’s inspired me to try harder with my photos. I’m much happier with the way my outfit posts are at the moment too, huge thanks to Amy for helping me out so I can only hope they get better and better over time. Thanks to everyone for the positive words on them so far!

So they’re five things that have made me happy this week. I might do one of these posts every week or two, as sometimes we forget to focus on the happy, personal things in a sea of product reviews and wishlists. Let me know what’s made you happy this week in the comments! Share the positivity.

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